Jatta’s FC, Si Pah BI Eliminated in Lamin Knockout Tournament

Jatta’s FC, Si Pah BI Eliminated in Lamin Knockout Tournament




One of the Lamin Nawettan heavy weight teams Jatta’s FC and Si Pah Bi FC over the weekend were eliminated from the ongoing Lamin Knockout quarterfinal competition following a 6-5 post-match penalty shoot-out win and a lone goal defeat over Prison FC and Medina FC in a game played at the Lamin Sanna Jatta’s Memorial Football Ground.

Jatta’s FC and Si Pah BI FC are  two of the toughest teams in Lamin Football tournament but they were undermined and beaten by their opponents Prison FC and Medina FC on shootout and lone goal. These two teams are having the largest fan-based which entertain and cheers not only their teams but the crowds as well

Prison FC eliminated Jatta’s FC on 6-5 post-match penalty shootout following a goalless stalemate in the regulation period. This defeat has eliminated Jatta’s FC in the knockout tournament are only left with the league competition to participate, while Prison FC advanced to the next round of the competition.

Medina FC lone goal victory over Si Pah BI FC was enough to progressed to the next stage of the Lamin Knockout tournament after leaving the largest Si Pah BI fans-based and their management disappointed with the score-line

These two teams (Prison FC and Medina FC) has surprisingly eliminated one of the strongest sides in Lamin as they are now through to the semifinal of the tournament, and now the question will be which teams amongst these two will go for the knockout trophy after pulling out the toughest teams.

By Binta Bah and Binta Jammeh