John Bass Inspires 2016 Summer Camp Participants


Telling a story, especially the one from a humble background could be difficult and more often than not, it can become a bit emotional.  John Savic Bass, an Accountant by profession was one of the invited personalities to share his life story with children attending the 5th edition of the National Youth and Sports Summer Camp, organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This year’s edition is hosted at the Friendship Hostel in Bakau.

In his long and thoughtful interface with the children drawn from across the country, Bass, who is the current Finance & Supply Chain Manager at Gambega narrated to the keenly listening children about his life journey to success.

He stated: “Our life is a project that we should cherish and sustain, knowing we have a beginning and an end. Standing here today as your motivational speaker, my story of personal growth to success was unlikely. My journey was improbable. My parents were never rich; they depended on farming to meet their obligation of my food and school bills. Growing up from a village, with several other siblings under some kind of conditions where Kerosene lamp becomes your source of energy at the night, and trekking more than 3.5km to and back from school, I needed not be told how far that dream was coming – that dream of success.”

Despite all the hardship, frustrations and obstacles of life, he went on, he held firm to the belief that the day shall come. He said he had hope and a renewed spirit every day. “Each time I listened, I heard God calling me amongst others: “Come all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens and be given rest. Many a times, when we listen to ourselves, we could hear our spirit talking to us. We have to listen to ourselves especially at some quiet moments. So this was what I did and with little hope, I couldn’t have seen myself soon becoming what I have become today.”

According to him, it is often proclaimed that young people are expected to take full advantage of the available golden opportunities to improve the direction of their lives toward the higher and the better.

He said several preachers have told people to look inwardly and ask themselves a question: What can I do and how do I get it done? “If you judge yourself to be lacking in goal and purpose, or heading in a direction away from desirable ends, re-evaluate yourself for change in ideas and standards,” said the outspoken young man.

As young people, he reminded them that their gift cannot be achieved in the absence of hope and self-determination for greater heights knowing fully well that they owe the society that which they came to fulfill on earth in acts and in morals.

“This may sound ordinary to any person given the fact that young people and their role in society remains one of the hottest debates and frequently asked questions in the world”. With youth widely regarded as the most important segment of any society owing to the fact that as able-bodied people, Bass said the future development of any given community or nation hinges on their (youth) shoulders.  He reminded that as young people, part of their role is to actively partake physically in the development of the society. This, he said, could be done in many ways including but not limited to offering manual labour and the provision of much needed skill to accomplish and implement any particular project. At the very heart of such a responsibility, he added, is the selfless and noble spirit of volunteerism.

He finally encouraged the participants to take their studies or work seriously and come to the realisation that there is no short cut to success. “A youth that is highly informed and serious will be well primed to use his or her knowledge to great effect; to propel the social and economic advancement of their society,” he concluded his marathon deliberation.


About John Bass

Born in 1981 in Tujereng village, he began his primary school in 1989. He completed his junior and senior education from St. Therese and St. Augustine’s in the years 1998 and 2001. He proceeded to MDI to pursue his professional course in AAT which he successfully completed alongside the ACCA. During this route to becoming a qualified accountant, he works for Gambega Limited and he is happy that after 11 years of hard work from different ranks, he was promoted to the position of Finance & Supply Chain Manager in 2013 at Gambega.

by Alieu Ceesay


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