Journalists Briefed on Importance of Public Budgeting

Journalists Briefed on Importance of Public Budgeting




In a bid to create public awareness on the importance of public budgeting on the rights of children, the Child Protection Alliance with funding from Save the Children on Friday conducted a press conference to discuss on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children general comments on public budgeting.

At the press briefing, Kaddijatou Jallow, a programme officer at CPA, stressed the need for the popularisation of the general comment, saying the general comment is a body of expert that meets annually to discuss the progresses registered by states on the treaties they have signed.

According to her, one of this is the child friendly budgeting, which considers the welfare of children in the action plan of any country.

“Budgeting is basically meant to help children realised their rights by providing them with the necessary resources that they need as children are the future leaders of tomorrow. The best interest of children should always be considered as their survival and development. The general comment body tasked states to take all rights of children into consideration both national and international and that any policy adopted by a state should make sure it goes in line with the rights of children.”

She stressed the need for communities to be sensitised on child budgeting, noting that ActionAid has taken it as a mandate to train various communities in The Gambia which include; Abuko, Fajikunda, Brikama Ba and Brikama Gidda

“Child Protection Alliance is working tirelessly with ActionAid in making sure children’s right is observed and their potentials are as well put in place in the increment of budget for children” she stated.

Lamin Fatty, the CPA programme caretaker, stressed the need for parents, stakeholders and the general public to respect the views of children, reminding states to respect the obligations of children especially in the mobilization of resources allocated for them.

by Awa Gassama