K-Central NAM Opens Defence in Assault Trial

K-Central NAM Opens Defence in Assault Trial




The National Assembly Member (NAM) of Kombo Central District, Buba Sanneh yesterday opened his defence in a two-count charge of trespass and assault he is involved in before Magistrate Isatou Janneh of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court.

Sanneh is charged for unlawfully entering the house of Musa Gomez without authority, with intent to intimidate, insult or annoy him on or about 13th December, 2015; at Brikama Sanneh Kunda.

He is also accused of unlawfully assaulting Gomez by pushing him against the wall, inflicting injury on his head on the same day and place. He denied any wrong doing on both charges.

In his defence testimony, Sanneh told the court that in the evening of the day of the incident between him and the complainant, he was called to answer at the Brikama Police Station. He said upon his arrival at the Police Station, he was told that he was charged with criminal trespass and assault causing bodily harm which, he said he denied.

Sanneh narrated that he was responsible for the complainant’s feeding for more than 8 years and he was also his guardian. He said the complainant has lived in his compound for more than 20 years.

According to him, he does not know if the complainant still lives in Sanneh Kunda but the last time he saw him in his (Sanneh’s) compound was some two weeks ago.

Explaining how the incident occurred between him and the complainant, Sanneh said the complainant was playing music in his house at a very loud volume and was disturbing everyone.

He said his aunt who is nearly 100 years of age called him (Sanneh) and asked him to tell the complainant to reduce the volume of his music because it was making her unable to sleep.

Sanneh said he called the complainant’s attention but he refused to answer until he (Sanneh) had to go himself into the complainant’s house and reduce the volume of the music. “This made him aggressive towards me but I advised him that he is living with elders so he should respect them. I told him that no one denies him from playing music in his room but he has to play it in low volume to avoid disturbing others especially the sick ones.”

He said after saying that to the complainant, he (Complainant) hit him on his chest but he never retaliated. He said that evening, he was called at the Police Station where he gave a statement that he never hit back or pushed the complainant.

During Cross-Examination, Sanneh said the complainant was playing music at a high volume and that was disturbing people. He denied assaulting the complainant, saying he did not use any force to get into his (complainant’s) house.

He also said he did not require taking permission to enter the complainant’s house, saying he (complainant) is not renting in his (Sanneh’s) compound.

The matter is adjourned to 16th August for continuation.


by Fatou Gassama