Kartong Declares 100% Support for President Jammeh

Kartong Declares 100% Support for President Jammeh




The people of Kartong in the Kombo South District of the West Coast Region have declared their unrivalled and 100% support to President Jammeh and the APRC party ahead of the 1st December Presidential election.

karton-declares-2The open declaration was made on Saturday night at a mass rally meant to celebrate Awards  conferred on  Buba I Demba (Deputy Chief Of Proctocol) and certificate of merit by President Jammeh  who is a native of Kartong and other individuals from Kartong.

The other awardees are; Mbaya Demba, APRC District Women Mobiliser for Kombo South; Chief Ajay Janneh of Kombo South and District Youth Mobilisers Adama Mbaye and Momodou Saidy. The rally was attended by thousands, including men and women, young and old, and APRC bigwigs.

The people of Kartong used the rally to renew their love and indebtedness to the APRC government for the unprecedented developments brought to Kartong and Kombo South. The youth and entire villagers of the coastal settlement out-rightly declared “No Room for Opposition! It will Never Happen Here.”

Speaking at the rally, Alhaji Demba Jabang, Alkalo of Kartong promised a landslide victory when Gambians head to the polls to re-elect President Jammeh. “We are proud of President Jammeh and we will forever rally behind him. Kartong will never betray President Jammeh as betrayal is against Islam,” he told the rally.

Chief Ajay Janneh refuted all the media reports associated with Kartong, stressing that Kartong and Kombo South are still 100% behind APRC. The love for APRC by Kartong, Chief Janneh went on is not shaken by the emergence of any opposition party. “We are not scared by any opposition and the results in the 1st December election will make the judgment.”

Councillor Lamin Jamba Jammeh of Kartong Ward said the huge turnout at the rally was enough to demonstrate the continued love for President Jammeh in Kartong. He called on the people to always rally behind the development-oriented APRC government and do away from tribalism and hatred.

“President Jammeh has transformed the lives and livelihood of the people of Kartong because we all know how difficult it was to reach to Kartong before 1994 due to poor road network and that is a thing of the past now,” he reminded the rally.

On behalf of the awardees, Mbaya Jabang, APRC District Women Mobiliser thanked President Jammeh for the awards conferred on them. While urging her fellow women to encourage their families to vote overwhelmingly for APRC, Jabang said, “We have been behind APRC and we will always be.”

Another supporter of the ruling APRC Party, Ousman Sambou said the people of Kartong are more aware today than before, thus no opposition leader can convince them to abandon the party that brought them developments.

His Excellency Balla Garba Jahumpa, Gambia’s Ambassador to India used the rally to unveil many road projects that the APRC government plan to construct in Kombo South in the soonest possible time. “President Jammeh was brought by God to develop the country. If you want development, vote massively for the APRC.”

According to him, politics is not about tribalism or supporting one’s relative, but is about the development of the country.

Alhaji Yankuba Colley, National Mobiliser General of the APRC Party said Gambians should not associate themselves with those he described as “Oppositions without agenda”.

He urged APRC loyalists to stay focused and support the party, while warning against double-standards in the party.

Hon. Sheriff Bojang, Minister of Information and Communication describes President Jammeh as a leader who is not a tribalist neither does he differentiate in his development agenda.

He called on the people of Kartong to vote massively for President Jammeh and not to listen to baseless statements coming from detractors parading as opposition political parties.

Borry Colley, senior proctocol officer at the Mßinistry of foreign Affairs and former National Assembly Member for Foni Jarrol also spoke along the same lines, describing the likes of aspiring Opposition Independent candidate Dr. Isatou Touray as an “aggressive leader whose approach to things is never right.”

Isatou Jiffanga Jarju and Hon. Babou Gaye-Sonko, National Women Mobiliser and National Youth Mobiliser respectively both commended the people of Kartong for the good turnout and hope it will be translated when they go to the polls.

Musa B Suso, the Deputy Governor of the Region also thanked and praised the President for superseding the expectations of Gambians in terms of developments.

by Alieu Ceesay & Modou Lamin Jammeh