Kaur Lumo Management Committee Holds Validation Forum

Kaur Lumo Management Committee Holds Validation Forum

The Kaur ‘Lumo’  (informal market) Management committee recently conducted a day-long validation forum in Kaur for the proposed terms of reference for the association members to critically examine the content of the complementary documents aimed at strengthening the lumo management system, as part of the lumo management reform processes.

Addressing committee members, the chairperson of Kuntaur Area Council, Mamat Mbye, described the move as a laudable initiative capable of providing lasting solutions to the lumo challenges. He pointed out that the management reform programme is a pilot phase with the objective to strengthen the managerial skills of the lumo committee. He said the revenue generated will be ploughed back to address community needs.

The director of planning of the Kuntaur Area Council, Omar Ceesay said the initiative is creative and emphasised the need to explore new ways of doing things. He commended the village leadership for their commitment to the best practice management system.

Ceesay described the reform programme as a medium for promoting best practice management system. He seized the opportunity to urge the committee members to live up to expectation.

The chief executive officer of the Council, Pa Nfansu Darboe reiterated his Council’s commitment to replicate this initiative to other parts of the LGA lumos. He said this will accord the committee membership the opportunity to critically assess the inherent lumo constraints and map out a way forward.

He said the revenue collection and utilisation are part of the Council’s role, adding that revenue collected is ploughed back to the community.

Darboe therefore called on both the revenue collectors and lumo management committee to work together  for effective collaboration.

Other speakers were the alkalo of Kaur Mustapha Njie and chairman of the Kaur Lumo Management Committee Jabel Njie, both applauded the Kuntaur Area Council for the laudable initiative. They said this will immensely improve their managerial skills to enable them contribute to the development of the lumo.

by Lamin SM Jawo in CRR