Kombo North Cleans Oil-spilled Airport Junction

Kombo North Cleans Oil-spilled Airport Junction




The people of Kombo North on Saturday conducted a massive cleansing exercise of the Airport Junction where a heavy duty oil tanker collided with a double-cabin pickup three weeks ago leading to an oil spillage at the said junction.

kombo-northThe exercise was led by the Deputy Governor of West Coast Region Musa B. Suso, Paramount Chief Alhaji Demba Sanynag, National Assembly Member Hon. Lamin Jatta, Alkalolus, APRC Regional Chairman Ebrima Solo Marreh and officials of the National Environment Agency.

Speaking to reporters at the site, DG Suso described the exercise as timely. “As you know some weeks ago there was a tanker carrying fuel which collided a with a pickup and as a result of that we deem it necessary to   mobilize our people to clean this area and this is going to be a continues process, because the Airport is the first contact with the eye to the people coming to the country and we need to keep it clean at all the time,” he said, commending the people of Kombo North for their massively turnout.

The Paramount Chief Alhaji Demba Sanyang expressed gratitude to the people of Kombo North, describing the massively turnout as a clear manifestation of their unflinching support to the leadership of President Jammeh. “This cleansing exercise has been conducted by the people of Kombo North annually and we are really impressed with that.”

Hon. Pa Lamin Jatta for his part applauded the efforts of the people of Kombo North for the imitative, acknowledging that if a stranger comes to a country the first place to see is the airport. “Therefore, we need concerted efforts to make the airport good look.”

Programme Officer, NEA, Burry Mansa Demba, stated that his office in partnership with The Gambia Armed Forces and The Gambia Red Cross Society was already involved in a similar exercise to clean the affected area. He said they brought sand and spread it all over the place for the oil to absorb it.

He thanked the people of Kombo North for their participation in contributing to national development. “Kombo North is really doing great in environmental sanitation; in fact they are the host of the Airport and some of the hotels so we are grateful to them,” he concluded.

Salieu Ceesay, the Alkalo of Sinchu Alagie village said: “This is not the first time we are coming here to clean the vicinity of the airport because we own it; it is in our own constituency and we need to keep it clean for anyone coming because is the door to the country and you come to a country what you see is what you are going to tell others.”

Ebrima Solo Marreh for his part reiterated his people’s commitment and dedication in supporting national development, describing the people of West Coast Region as hard working people who are loyal to the APRC.

by Alhagie Babou Jallow