Kombo South Assures 90% Victory for President Jammeh

Kombo South Assures 90% Victory for President Jammeh




APRC supporters in Kombo South have vowed to give 90% victory to President Jammeh in the upcoming presidential election in December 1.

The Kombo South electorate made this promise on Monday during a political rally in Siffoe village as part of the ongoing tour of the West Coast Region (WCR) by the governor, Ajaratou Aminata Siffai Hydara and her regional executive committee members.

Speaking at the rally, Lamin Jamba Jammeh, the councilor for Kartong Ward expressed  delight at the current political leadership of the region under Governor Hydara. He urged the APRC supporters in the region to stop eye service when it comes to executing national duties.

He described President Jammeh as a leader who should be commended for the rapid developments he has brought to the people of Kombo South, thus promising that come 1st December 2016 presidential election, Kombo South will increase its winning percentage from 71% in the previous polls to 90%.

Speaking on behalf of the district chief, Alhaji Jiki Darboe said under President Jammeh’s government, the country is on the right track. Darboe assured the governor and delegation that Kombo South will remain loyal to President Jammeh and the APRC party because of the numerous development projects he brought to their district.

Hon. Abdou Colley, the National Assembly member for the area said: “Let me remind all of you that this year’s election will be spot counting and you (the parents) should give advice to your sons and daughters to go out and cast their votes for President Jammeh.”

Addressing the Siffoe rally, Governor Hydara thanked President Jammeh for appointing her as the first female governor of the country. “President Jammeh is aware of your unflinching support to him and the APRC party from the onset and Kombo South is an important district within my region,” she said.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and liaison officer for WCR, Sheriffo Bojang; and the alkalo of Sukuta, Kawsu Cham, both assured Governor Hydara and delegation of the Region’s continued support to President Jammeh.

At another rally in Busumbala, Kombo North, the Deputy Governor of the Region, Musa B. Susso urged the electorate to do more for their country, adding that it is only Allah SWT who will pay those who are sacrificing for their country.

“If you are doing what is expected of you as a citizen of your country you will one day enjoy your benefit. President Jammeh has done his part; it is now left to us to pay him back,” Susso said.

Other speakers at the Busumbala rally      included the paramount chief of The Gambia, Alhaji Demba Sanyang; Hon. Pa Lamin Jatta, the NAM for the area; Alhaji Landing Konteh, the APRC constituency chairman for Kombo North; and Momo Bojang, all promised to remain loyal to President Jammeh and the APRC party.

by Lamin B. Darboe