Kudos to First Lady for the treatment programme

Kudos to First Lady for the treatment programme



Health is the top most priority for every smart government. This is because the degree of the health of a nation is equated to its wealth, for a healthy human resource is paramount for a country’s socio-economic progress.

Therefore any commitment made by state institutions, foundations or individuals towards the promotion of the health sector of the country and especially the fight against some life-threatening diseases is indeed worth commending and emulating.

It is in this vein that we applaud the First Lady Madam Zineb Yahya Jammeh’s relentless contribution to the promotion and improvement of the health status of Gambians through her Operation Save the Children Foundation. The Foundation since its establishment has been venturing into development undertakings of all kinds and levels. Children and women have been the major beneficiaries of its projects and largesse, and the medical treatment component is a vital one.

The return of the seventh congenital heart disease patient, an eight-year-old child after a successful treatment in Israel, funded by the First Lady through the foundation is a national pride, as it is a reflection of Government’s concern for the health of its citizens, particularly children.

All the seventh former patients are potential productive citizens who can contribute enormously to the attainment of our national aspirations and visions. She has restored hope for these beneficiaries, who imaginably no longer had any hope of regaining their health and contributing to the socio-economic development of the country.

The health of children in particular needs to be prioritized, being future national decision makers. This is what makes the First Lady’s initiative even more rewarding.

We encourage Gambians to fully support the Operation Save the Children Foundation and Her Excellency Madam Zineb Jammeh’s treatment programme. The cause is noble and the initiative worth undertaking.

We once again commend the First Lady for showing compassion and love for Gambians especially children and for complementing Government’s efforts in delivery quality health service to its citizens.