Lamin Nawettan’s Legendary “Si Pah bi FC”

“Si Pah bi” is a Wollof phrase meaning ‘at the hole/gutter’. The club takes its name from an ancient gully where young boys normally camp and chat. Being inspired by their togetherness the boys decided to come together and form a team named after the water runway they always gather at.

Si Pah bi F.C is one of Lamin Nawettan zone’s biggest teams with a large fan base who are always supportive of them. This is due to their humbleness at a young age, the zeal and love they have for their community. “Sipah bi” FC beside football also engage themselves in village projects and ask for nothing but prayers for they believe as young boys the prayers of their elders will keep them up at the higher heights.

In 2013, Si Pah bi FC joined the Lamin Nawettan for the first time but unfortunately dropped out at the early stages of the Nawettan. Without losing hope, in 2014 they came back with strength and won the league cup which was their first trophy. Although they didn’t make it in 2015, the team still believes that the league cup is theirs and that is why they have decided to come this year and take what they believe is theirs.

The positive energy in the team has produced legends in football in like Musa Jatta who is now a Senior scout, Aziz Korr the team’s former captain among others, are good products from the legendary Si Pah bi FC.


By Binta Bah


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