Lands Minister: Opposition Will Lose to Jammeh at Their Villages

Lands Minister: Opposition Will Lose to Jammeh at Their Villages



The Lands minister, Musa Amul Nyassi, has opined Gambian oppositions are not genuine, noting that they won’t secure victory over the incumbent at their own villages talk less of national level.

Speaking at a political rally in Sare Bojo village in the Jimara District of the Upper River Region, Minister Nyassi said the Jammeh administration’s commitment to its social responsibilities has never been in doubt. He stated that it’s now time for the electorate to reaffirm their allegiance and loyalty by giving President Jammeh another landslide mandate.

land-minister-1“Certain opposition parties in the country don’t  have the interest of the country at heart because somebody who does not have respect for women, I don’t think can vie for presidency in the country,” he stressed.

“There is no opposition in the country who can swear to the fact that President Jammeh has not developed the country for the past 22 years; I can tell you that some opposition joined the political arena of the country just to enrich themselves.”

The regional governor, Omar Sompo Ceesay, condemned tribal politics and urged his people to vote for the incumbent. “All of you are aware of the projects that the Basse Area Council intends to implement in the area and there are plans to buy solar panels which would be in installed at the Sare Bojo Lumo,” he said.

“Remember those people coming here and telling you stories are the same people that were supporting President Jammeh for the past years but due to their selfish interest they leave the development oriented party. Let’s not allow people use us and insight violence among us; it is important for us to turn out in our large numbers and vote for the APRC party with a view to enable President Jammeh accomplish his development aspirations for the country.”

Habiboulie Jawo, Jimara parliamentarian, Kassimu Jallow ward councillor and Morrow Krubally, all urged the electorate to vote massively for President Jammeh. The President, they said is the only person who has the interest of Gambian people at heart.

“Your constraints are well noted and be rest assured that the issues will be tabled to the relevant authorities,” Jawo promised.

The APRC regional chairman and youth coordinator, Alhaji Bajoko Dukureh and Mawdo Susso respectively urged the poeple of the area to distance themselves from what he described as so-called opposition. They said the only thing the opposition is talking about for the past years was the Laminkoto-Passimass road, noting that due to ongoing works, that has now become a thing of the past.

“President Jammeh is working tirelessly both day and night to ensure that any issue affecting Gambians is been addressed immediately,” Dukureh said.

by Momodou Jawo in Basse, URR