Lawmaker Urges Media Partners to Expose Journalists Internationally

Lawmaker Urges Media Partners to Expose Journalists Internationally




The National Assembly Member for Foni Bintang Karanai has called on media partners in the country to expose journalists by travelling with them to international foras so as to widen their experience in the profession.

Hon. Ebrima Solo Jammeh made these remarks recently at Tendaba Camp in the Lower River Region, during the opening of a two-day workshop for journalists, National Assembly Select Committee on Environment and professional organizations involved in the fisheries sector in the country.

According to him, people should not always send their reports to journalists or call them for interviews after attending trainings, workshops and seminars overseas.

He remarked that what they should do is to involve journalists in their international trips so that they (journalists) can make contacts with other journalists globally. This, he observed, will help journalists to get more exposure internationally, thereby widening their horizon in the field.

He challenged media partners in the country to make the best use of journalists, saying; “There are some countries in the region and even beyond who do travel with their journalists to cover international forums for their country.  Why are media partners in The Gambia not doing the same”

The Foni Bintang NAM underscored the crucial role media play in the development of any country, noting that they enlighten, educate and entertain the people.

He acknowledged that media can also help the public in promoting issues and transferring knowledge, skills and technologies to the people.

by Lamin B. Darboe