Let’s Make  Gambia’s Music Great Again Says Koollife

Let’s Make  Gambia’s Music Great Again Says Koollife



 The Director of My Gambia Industry, an entertainment company in The Gambia, has emphasised that entertainers in the country must work hard if they want Government and entrepreneurs in The Gambia to invest in them.

Koollife J Kolawole in a recent exclusive interview with What’s On, stated that entertainers must be steadfast to know what will make them great, saying it is not their talents; rather their attitude and discipline towards others.

Commenting on some of the constraints confronting the country’s entertainment industry, Koollife maintained that the past years have been full of challenges and that majority of youth bitterly grumble in the industry in order to make headway.

According to him, there has been no shortage of ideas from politicians and Gambian entrepreneurs about ways to get the economy rolling again.

“As an entertainer you need to love your country like if there is no other country existing. You should make music and film that doesn’t promote violence; you should discipline yourself, be time conscious, well-dressed. As entertainer if you can avoid this weakness I believe our Gambian business people will be encouraged to promote and invest in the Gambian entertainment industry,” he stated.

Koollife condemned Gambian artistes and actors who run away or over-stay their VISAs, noting that they are not helping the development of the industry. “If truly they love The Gambia, they will sacrifice for this nation, instead of acting hypocritically because of one chance VISA,” he added.

He appealed to Gambians to support their own entertainment industry, saying it can   tremendously contribute to the development of the economy of the country.

by Samba Jawo