Reference to a document published on the Daily Observer on the 19th October 2016, titled BRAVO TO THE GOVERNMENT AND THE PEOPLE OF THE GAMBIA.

I wish to commend the author of the said article and urge those he refers to as the hostile groups and individuals and any other person who are involved in the sponsoring of violence in the Gambia to give chance to democracy and wish good for the Gambia. As much as we happily live abroad we must not use our influence to create hatred and violence in the country.

Remember the dissidents, hostile groups and individuals are using the same social media platforms, the same ideologies and approaches used by Iraqis, Syrians, Egyptians and Libyans etc. living in the Diaspora to destroy their respective countries. While their nations are in armed conflicts, they are happily resident in the Diaspora and benefitting from funds raised to support displaced persons in their respective countries.

It is so disappointing that after failing in their efforts to create insecurity in the country (as mentioned by the author); we have realized that some of the dissidents who are engaged in such hostile activities against the Gambia have taken a fresh approach. Recently some of them who claimed to be supporters of the opposition are making efforts in commandeering the true democratic practice by tribal politics in the Gambia.

Because of their lack of efforts to build genuine political parties that try to win on the basis of thoughts, recently some dissident groups are using the social media to advocate for violence and calling on Gambians to revert to tribal identities as a foundation for the opposition’s political competition in the Gambia.

On the other hand some opposition parties are exploiting tribal commitments to advance their personal gains. One must always remember that tribalism is never built on true democratic values; therefore, tribalism is definitely opposed to democratic advancement of our dear motherland and must not be accepted.

Unlike some African countries where some ethnic communities have their own terrain, identity etc., which has the potential to reinforce ethnic rivalry, the Gambian culture dictates tribes to live together in harmony, inter-marry, unite, support and respect each other.

It is important for Gambians to continue to build the nation around very genuine thoughts and jealously protect the peace and tranquility in the country rather than intending to encourage tribe identities.

Records have revealed that, tribal interests have played major roles in most of the armed conflicts and civil unrest across the African continent therefore, we Gambians must not allow tribalism to overshadow the true culture and tradition of Gambian society. Political parties must base their contest for power on development policy, rather than on tribal identity.

On the other hand, we Gambians don’t need to be reminded that the gays and the lesbians in the Diaspora are propagating for the practice of same sex marriage in the whole world and they will not relent in their efforts in recruiting nationals of countries (like The Gambia) where same sex marriage is not allowed.

Therefore, I wish to warn the opposition to desist from receiving funds from those hostile groups. The money they sent to you may not be their sweats but monies they receive from undisclosed donors with the pretext that they will be able to influence decisions in your respective parties.

They have tried to influence decisions in the UDP but after series of attempts to undermine the UDP leadership, the dissidents have succeeded in forcefully retiring him. After series of meetings they made a very good calculation and sponsored a demonstration and motivated his party to violate the laws of the land. Why not other political parties, but UDP alone? The answer is very simple, because they know that unlawful demonstration is a violation of the laws and he may be convicted therefore give chance to someone else. One may call it a palace coup.

Although they have also succeeded in their calls for a coalition of some of the political parties but failed to truly inform Gambians that they are empowering one political party. They have made us in the Diaspora to believe that NCP, PPP, GPP and GDP are ghost parties in the Gambia, because their leaders often borrow support from the UDP.

As some of us are yet to regularize our status abroad, I wish to take this opportunity to appeal for more prayers so that we can finally regularize our status.


May Allah the Almighty punish anyone who advocates for violence in the Gambia?

Long live the Gambia

Sheriff AB Ceesay