LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bravo to The Government and the people of...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bravo to The Government and the people of The Gambia



I wish to confess that, in our efforts for further destruction on the government and the people of the Gambia, seemingly, we the Gambian dissidents abroad and proprietors of our online radios and news outlets have once again failed in our attempt to create insecurity in The Gambia.

After creating bad blood between us the Gambians in the Diaspora, some of us continue to misinform the authorities in the USA with a view to put pressure on the Government of The Gambia.

Some of us who are engaged in spreading false information against our own government were also engaged in advocating for the deportation of some of our brothers and sisters in the USA.

Yes it is true; recently some of us were frequently visiting offices in the USA with a view to put more pressure on the government of The Gambia so that clearance can be given for the deportation of two thousand (2000) Gambians from the USA to The Gambia.

It is true, why doesn’t the USA take action against those countries ranked from 1 to 10 but no they opted to start with The Gambia.

One will always ask, what will they in the Diaspora gain from the deportation of our brothers and sisters.

The answer is simple, some of us will turn around to blame the government and the people of The Gambia as if it was the wish of the government to have Gambians deported.

Remember we are the same people they were frequently using in their so called organised demonstration in the USA against President Jammeh, with a lot of promises that they will support us in our battles to legalise our status and defend our interest. How far have they gone, or do we have to remind them.

Am surprised that the government of The Gambia is not politically bias since it is obvious that among the 2000 Gambians the USA intend to deport, some of us were opposing the government and someone may assume that the government may be eager to have us deported, but no;

Remember, they have:

  1. Lied against The Gambia government with the hope to make the government unpopular and to enable us obtain asylum status abroad.
  2. Sponsored demonstrations in The Gambia aimed at creating instability in the country.
  3. Brought arms and ammunitions from the USA to attack The Gambia.
  4. Instigated, coordinated and sponsored the 30th December attack in The Gambia aimed at creating arm conflict in the country.
  5. Instigated and sponsored the arson attack on the APRC Political Bureau, with a view to create political instability in the country hoping that the APRC will accuse the other opposition parties and will revenge on them.
  6. Created competition among the opposition with promises of fat sponsorship and have urged 2 women to opt for election with the possibility of becoming a compromising candidate. Yes it is true and is politics.

Honestly I am surprise that after knowing the amount of noise we created abroad in our effort to discredit the Jammeh administration, the government of The Gambia continue to honestly protect the interest of Gambians in the Diaspora.

Like most people in the Diaspora I have also given President Jammeh all kinds of names but now I have come to understand what kind of leadership The Gambia has. One must understand that if 2000 of us are deported back to The Gambia, indications are that it will affect the entire population of The Gambia since we are interrelated in the country.

It is time that we face the reality, the online  radios and news outlets are proudly informing us about the action taken by the US government against our government for defending the interest of the Gambians in the Diaspora.

We must commend the Jammeh administration for their stand to defending the interest of Gambians.  Am sure any Gambian wishing to return home can always obtain an emergency passport from any Gambian mission abroad and freely travel back home.

Now it is time that all of us: Pa, Fatou, Sey, Jallow, Jarju, Joof, etc etc to show our true colours.

What is our stand about this proposed deportation? Surprisingly, you are not truly informing us; you know those affected and you are not asking us to help them but you are always on air asking us to support your course to create instability in our motherland. But why instead of using our connections in the US to help our brothers and sisters, some of us opted in pushing for their deportation.

What is your say in The Gambia government’s stand in refusing to give clearance for the deportation of some of us from the USA?  If you are part of it, please kindly talk about it.

Even if we are to be deported, the timing is wrong but to you this is the right time.

Wrong or right

Good or bad

The Gambia is our nation and we are proud to be Gambians. Unfortunately I am afar and without a voter’s card but have now changed my mind and will solicit for support for Jammeh and his government.

BY Boy Banjul sm.