LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Countdown to The Gambian Election

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Countdown to The Gambian Election



I am once again surprised that, as the dissidents failed in their efforts to incite violence in the country by creating tribal conflict (refer to my letter published in the daily Observer on the 7th November 2016 titled BETTER TO LOVE YOUR COUNTRY RATHER THAN INCITING VIOLENCE FOR YOUR SELFISH INTEREST) they have once again opted in spreading false information hoping to instill fear in the general public particularly targeting the children of the nation.

In their recent efforts in the name of opposing the government, the dissidents are actively fabricating and posting videos/messages online alleging that Gambian children are been kidnapped in the Gambia.

What a false information and an insult on the Gambia. Shame on those responsible for such misinformation. The Gambian is truly a religious country. We really have true Muslims and True Christians who are God fearing and love the children of the Nation.

Well it is all politics, after knowing that Mamma Kandeh was to be nominated on Monday 7th November 2016 they made allegation of kidnappings in the country hoping to engage parents on running along the streets to collect their children and keeping them at home rather than joining Mamma’s caravan or lining the streets to cheer him. Apart from intending to create insability the dissidents possibly choose this specific date to spread the false information in retaliation on Mamma Kandeh’s refusal to join the coalition. Instead of telling us about politics in the Gambia the said online papers distracted the attention of people by talking about kidnappings. Well, Gambains are no fouls; they understand that you are in the habit of spreading such allegations.

On the other hand I am sock and always surprise to see those inciting violence and sponsoring terrorist activities in the Gambia walking proudly in the streets of USA while the government and the people of the Gambia continue to join the international community to fight against international terrorism. We in the Diaspora were proud to have learned about the support that the USA received from the Government and the people of the Gambia in the fight against terrorism, but so worried and disappointed that USA continue to host those sponsoring terror and instilling fear in the Gambia. The dissidents have claimed responsibilities in the 30th December attack, the APRC Bureau arson and the sponsoring of demonstration in the Gambia. Is that not enough to call someone a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer? Some people were disallowed in the Gambia because the USA claimed that they are terrorist sympathizer.

Remember if you support and allow the dissidents to use the USA as a spring board to render any nation ungovernable, you are creating possible avenues for terrorist activities. On behalf of the children and the unborn ones, I wish to take this opportunity to request that the authorities in the USA address the situation before it is too late.

Looking at the current security situation in the country, one must conclude that there is no sign of insecurity and the moral of the armed and security services is very high, however I wish to suggest that:


  1. The NCCE to tour the country and carry out mass education on matters relating to internet, particularly the social media, hence it is obvious that social media has the potentials to create a form of instability in the country.
  2. The armed and security services in collaboration with the general public must not relent in their efforts in maintaining peace and stability in the country. They must continue to be vigilant. Be aware that they have paid agents to operate on their behalf. (such agents will carry out activities on their behalf and turn around to apportion blames on the government)
  3. The opposition parties must disassociate themselves from the dissident groups unless if they share the same agenda.
  4. The USA to review the activities of persons sponsoring hostile activities in the Gambia. Such activities are definitely aimed at undermining the peace and tranquility in the Gambia and may affect other countries in the sub region.


In conclusion, I wish to commend the government for protecting the rights of the Gambian child. We are proud tgo learn that the government from 1994 to date has build more than 208 schools and provided school buses, hospitals/health centers and universities to address the needs of the children unlike the time we were there. I wish to take this opportunity to urge the government to continue to provide maximum security in our motherland. Gambia must remain to be peaceful, the Gambian child must continue to enjoy the peace and stability that our forefathers worked hard to earn and maintain. The Gambian child must be allowed to study up to university without been interrupted by any form of conflicts.

Remember the dissidents are intending to sponsor post-election violence in the Gambia and it is everyone’s interest to say no to violence in the Gambia. They will use the social media to manipulate and misinform the general public about the election results as per their selfish interest.

Conflict will affect those of you resident in the Gambia than those of us living in the USA, because we will use your situation to advance reasons for our asylum applications.

Long live the Gambia.


Sheriff AB Ceesay