Letter Writer Hails Gambia’s Decision to Leave ICC

Letter Writer Hails Gambia’s Decision to Leave ICC



I was overwhelmed with joy when news reached me that The Gambia Government has withdrawn from the International Criminal Court at The Hague.  This development is among the biggest strides ever achieved by your Government. Although a small country, you have made us BIG and Great among African Nations. In this 21st century, the Western Nations cannot fool us any longer.

As Bob Marley sang his melodious song, on quote “You can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool all the people all the time, on quote. Your bold Pan-Africanist stance to face the West and tell them is OVER AND NO MORE, is really worth applause by every patriotic African for that matter. You are advocating for Global justice. The fact that the game is played without a referee says a lot about the resemblance of the ICC to that of a story in a novel called Animal Farm, where big animals introduce laws stating, some animals are more equal than others. The UN is just there for them (the West) and cannot be a fair referee, which makes the third world countries vulnerable, especially African countries.

The truth is always the truth and shall prevail at the end. Many parts of the world are in turmoil, all caused by the West due to their greed to loot and dominate mankind. Let them, the West regulate all the crimes their criminal leaders committed, prosecute, and punish all of them, for the whole World to know how serious they are about crime against humanity. Racism has no place any more in this new millennium. I therefore, call on all African Nations to stand in solidarity with you and support your clarion call for Global justice.

Your Excellency, in conclusion, I again renew my unflinching support to your leadership, and wish to assure you that my family and I shall vote for you to a landslide victory come December 2016 Presidential elections. I pray for Your Excellency and the First Family long life, good health and prosperity, with God’s guidance. LONG LIVE PRESIDENT JAMMEH (BABILI MANSA) LONG LIVE THE GAMBIA.

Omar Baldeh

Kombo North