Life Ban for Volleyball Player Pa Sanu Secka

Life Ban for Volleyball Player Pa Sanu Secka



The executive committee of The Gambia Volleyball Federation (GVBF)  has banned for life Pa Sanu Secka of Gamtel volleyball club following what the committee described as a gross misconduct by the player on August 22nd 2016 in a game against Serekunda East in Banjul.

The former Gambian international, according to the committee, physically assaulted assistant referee Ebrima Ndow, disrupted the game and destroyed the Federation’s scoreboard.

“This bad behaviour and absolute indiscipline is totally against the rules and regulations of the Federation, as mentioned in article 14 of the rules which states: Any team or individual that is being caught using abusive language or physically assaulting referee, match commissioner, organising committee or the executive committee of the Gambia Volleyball Federation will be dealt with by the organising committee and the decision will be final and any player or officer who is suspended will not participate in all the activities of The Gambia Volleyball Federation, during his or her suspension period and will be excluded from national duty,” a statement from the Federation said.

“Therefore the national league organising committee and the executive committee had come to a final conclusion to ban Pa Sanu Secka of Gamtel volleyball club from all activities of the Gambia Volleyball Federation both national and international for life, and any volleyball activity organised or that involves the national Federation. Sanu Secka will not play, he is not  allowed at venues where the volleyball Federation is holding their activities. In this regard the GVBF had copied the National Sports Council, the Inspector General of Police and Managing Director of Gamtel/Gamcel.”

The committee added: “It is unbearable, unprofessional and unacceptable. The Gambia Volleyball Federation will impose tough sanctions on individuals and clubs that go contrary to its rules and regulations and against the best interest of the game. All players, officials and clubs are therefore encouraged to abide by the rules and regulations to ensure standards in our beautiful game”.