Light Motivation Mintivation: A Sweet Strategy of Self-Motivation

Light Motivation Mintivation: A Sweet Strategy of Self-Motivation

That’s how sweet it is, as sweet as the coolest mint you mouthed during childhood, be it “kebba dampha” or butterscotch. Self-motivation, the most sustainable means of keeping your mind fresh and inspired for lasting success, is sweeter than your Halls Mint, be it the honey-lemon or cheery blossom flavour. That is why I was super excited when I recently discovered the Halls mint version that labels its product “a pep talk in every drop”. When I unwrapped the first mint from the pack I bought, I saw this quote “bet on yourself”, “Wow!” was my reaction!

LightMotivation2Is there any better key to open doors on your journey to success in this challenging world than to believe in yourself? Truly American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson is right “self-trust is the first secret of success”!

The second quote on the halls mint wrapper is “Hi-five yourself”. Positive feedback can be hard to get in a world that is constantly seeing only your downside. You live in a society that is constantly spewing negative vibes into your subconscious; so occasionally when you deliver on what another quote on a Halls mint wrapper calls “Elicit a few ‘wows’ today”, then you should celebrate. This is neither vain nor frivolous.

According to psychologists you are constantly talking to yourself from the ‘quiet’ regions of our mind; for most people this self-talk is negative. So why don’t you reprogram your mental hard drive to positive chatter that will rev you up in the morning and keep your mental cylinders firing you in your positive directions for the rest of the day and beyond.

In parting let me hand you this drop of mental mint (from First Sun Consulting) to chew: “Everyone has negative thoughts sometimes, but mentally strong people don’t let those thoughts hold them back or drag them down. Instead, they respond to their pessimistic predictions and harsh criticisms with a more productive inner dialogue. They stay motivated to do their best by talking to themselves like a trusted friend or a helpful coach.”

Momodou Sabally

The Gambia’s Pen