London Corner Youths Hold Clean-up Exercise

London Corner Youths Hold Clean-up Exercise




‘Djapal Ma Japu Youth Association San Fronchier’, a youth association based in Serrekunda London Corner recently embarked on a clean-up exercise in the area.

Since the inception of the association some months ago, it has been embarking on series of voluntary activities within the settlement of London Corner. The association comprises both Gambians and Senegalese resident at London Corner.

Pa Matarr Jobe, the Public Relations Officer of the association, stated all the activities that have been implemented so far are financed by the association, with the help of one Mawdo Sallah, some community leaders and the Kanifing Municipal Council.

According to him, the association has created unity among members, demonstrating that The Gambia and Senegal are one people.

“Today the community of London Corner especially those living on the Jangjang Road have great hopes in this association. It is an open association and we are soliciting the support of every good citizen, as we have lot of projects that we really want to work on in the near future. We ask for the financial and moral help of everyone in our upcoming projects,” Sallah appealed.

by Fatou Trawally