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Beauty of the Week
beauty-of-the-weekOne of the common statements nowadays are ‘we are in a modern world’. Truly, we are in a modern world as modern technology has taken over everything and its reign will continue as it has created its own problems for everyone to share.

This week’s edition is not on romance, but on ‘choice’ –  making a choice between your relationship and your phone and the social website. Nowadays, the so-called modern technology is making some relationship crumble because it is having control over the user not the user having control over it.

Many lovers are often carried away during chatting or when browsing the social site. Ask what are they browsing, the answers are not far fetch. In the early days when everyone was using the analogue telephone, it was then strictly for business, receiving and making calls to relatives and acquaintances leaving far away or when there is an emergency.

Thanks to the world of modern technology for over a decade now GSM has made things easy and as more applications are developing, it becomes easier that you can be in your bedroom and talk to a man on top of a tree in another continent even seeing what is happening there all thanks to  smart-phone, android, iPad and so on.

Back to the issue at hand ‘making a choice between your relationship and social media’. With the advent of these social websites like Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Imo, Soma, Whatssapp, Hangout and so on some people have become addicted to chatting on phone with unknown ones rather than chatting, talking and taking care of their partners. This often brings complaints, lack of trust, dishonesty, insincerity and quarreling among husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend even within friends and friends of opposite sex that admire themselves.

This is nothing but bad addiction hence you can see some people pinging on their android or smart-phone even when crossing the highway without taking into consideration what is coming, what will happen or can happen within a twinkle of an eye.

Android and Smart-phone causing problems between partners is no more news. These days it is becoming more common to see partners out for lunch or dinner instead of making their outing an exciting one they focus on their smart-phone pinging, taking ‘selfies’ and sending it to someone else somewhere.

A man complained that he always buy units for his girlfriend and all she does with the credit is to browse and chat with other people on phone without even sending him (the buyer of credit) a text message or call to say thank you or I got it. The same thing a housewife has complained about his husband’s late calls and chat on Viber and Whatssap. She said her husband always leave the living room and sit at a corner in the dark to talk and chat.

Sometimes it a cause for a fight between partners as the money for up-keeping in the house is reserved for credits/megabytes taking their phones as a very serious material that should not suffer while some will tell you ‘without my phone is like ‘am empty.’ Hmmm, amazing, but hope we can remember that before the advent of corn, the cock has been eating something.

On a serious note, the phone has given way and increased the level of adultery and fornication in the society, either you like it or not, it is true. It gives chance to dishonesty, untruthfulness, and disloyalty among the partners. Husband prefers using the last note in his pocket to buy credit rather than dropping it for the wife as ‘fish money. The same thing, a housewife will rather choose to buy credit to browse Facebook and do group chatting on Whatssap instead of buying jumbo to cook delicious food for the family.

Have you observed that both men and women prefer using expensive handsets rather than providing money to buy the needs of their children or brothers and sisters. All just to show-off. Whatever, this is creating financial problems in some relationship because most of them are expensive and the inexpensive ones are the simple phones which are no more in vogue.

To answer your earlier question, most visit the social sites to browse photographs posted by friends and others, the life some live, browse some illicit sites. Women mostly prefer gossiping about what happen between them and partners on the last day they met and some other stuff, like party attended and so. While the men will be busy chasing women and play hide and seek game.

However, I am not opposing the use of your smart-phone or android especially in a way you want because it has more benefits as it has its advantages, but the way some partners use it can cause them their relationship. That’s to say you should not let the use of social website come between you and your relationship. Give enough time to your relationship, respect your partner and as well as yourself.

At bedtime, don’t let your phone stand between you and your partner. Avoid that night chatting or discussion because it is time for your matrimonial assignment. Likewise the unmarried one should avoid chatting and discussion when you are with your partner if you don’t want him or her to  start suspecting and doubting your love.

Try as much as possible to create time for your chatting and relationship the more you are addicted to your phone with unnecessary chatting with people that cannot benefit you, the more you are keeping yourself away from your relationship as you are pushing/encouraging your partner to browse for someone to chat with, too.

All the same, limit your bedroom phone chatting when you are with your partner, don’t be like a family that when it is time to perform matrimonial assignment or ‘bedroom account’ it is then they will grab phone to return a text message. There is time for everything.

Remember, your bedroom, going out or be together needs to be without disturbances and as well inviting intimacy between you and you partner or as a lover. It is easy to be carried away by Facebook, Badoo, Hitwe, Instagram, and Hangout among others anytime so take it easy.


Agony Corner

I Am Interested in this Married Man


For about five months now I have been dying in silence. I got attracted to a man but I don’t know how to tell him. This man is married but we are not of the same tribe. Please, help me on this because I really do not know how to tell him.


Telling a man that you love him is one of the simple things to do if you have the knowledge. But in your case, I do not think this is the medium. Anyway, if you want to marry or want this man to marry you in spite of him being a married man, I will be glad to get you inform about the step to take through Lovelines. But with the sound of your text, I know you are in for pleasure or just want to have his comfort. So let me not go far because choices are different from each other. Still, if you want my candid opinion or answer do not hesitate to call for more information or send me message through the email. Good luck!



Is Her Cheating a Rumor?


I am dating a girl who loves me so much and I also love her the same, but we are leaving very far from each other.

What confused me is I am having 2 friends who are living with her in the same village, and they always tell me that she is cheating on me. I never believe them but am now feeling that she is really cheating on me because her friends also tell me the same thing and she has not been calling or even texting me for a long time now. I could not believe her friends also because I once turned her down and really don’t know what to do.


I will advise you to stay away from rumor-mongering, sometimes is unhealthy in a relationship. If at all you listen to them do not be in a haste to act on any rumor you heard from them because they are sometimes misleading. Those friends giving information about her to you might be doing it for their own interest. The same way they are feeding you information about her, bear in mind it is the same way they are feeding her too with information about you which could be her reason for not calling and texting you regularly. Moreso, her friend too who you once turned down will do everything possible to get her out of the way/relationship in order to have you for herself. A word is enough for the wise, think about this before you act, because a bird in the hand is worth thousand in the bush. Good luck!





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