Making Education Free

Making Education Free

We have received with appreciation and gratitude, the announcement of the vice president of the republic that over 1,500 households in The Gambia would not have to worry about tuition fees for attaining university education in the country because the government of President Jammeh has provided scholarships for members of those households.

This is a supplement onto another 4,000 households that had already benefitted from the same gesture. Education has occupied a fundamental space in the Jammeh administration since the advent of the July 22nd Revolution and without any iota or sign of giving up, President Jammeh and his government continued to give maximum consideration to education.

While presiding over the laying of foundation stone of the new UTG campus at Faraba Banta last Friday, the vice president spoke loud that the Gambian leader’s will to ensure that higher education becomes absolutely free in the country.

This tells only one thing; President Jammeh as a leader and president is a type that stands by his words and delivers as he promises. Establishing institutions of higher education, like university is an attempt to explore, create and discover a country’s strongest technocrats that will be ready to shape their country. This is what President Jammeh exactly did when he announced the establishment of the University of The Gambia.

Today, every single Gambian is a living witness to the life-changing process that occurred in The Gambia since the beginning of the 1994 22nd July Revolution accompanied by peoples’ engagement and involvement into national development.

The vice president has made it substantially clear that President Jammeh’s government will continue to proudly and unapologetically focus its development agenda on the youth; apparently the most energetic and enthusiastic folk, and through UTG and other tertiary institutions. She said the government will continue to build the requisite skills of the youth to prepare them for labour markets and self-employability.

She had also maintained Prersident Jammeh’s commitment to make university education absolutely free in the country by the year 2018. This is a target that every Gambian; young and old, male and female believe is possible because President Jammeh is a leader who always ensure that he delivers on his words as promised.

In keeping with the vision of the UTG, the Jammeh administration has assured that, and every forward thinking Gambian agrees, he will continue to facilitate investment in capacity building in all forms.

We will therefore, commend President Jammeh and his government for maintaining every single promise he has given to Gambian people and smoothly delivering on them for the greater good of the populace.