Mamma Kandeh Nominated as GDC Flag-bearer for December Polls

Mamma Kandeh Nominated as GDC Flag-bearer for December Polls

The flag-bearer of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), Mamma Kandeh has been given the license to contest in the 1st December Presidential Election. This, as the chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) accepted his nomination on Monday at the Election House.

The leader of the newest political party filled in his nomination papers at Election House at midday on Monday after which his nomination was accepted by the Commission, though according to the IEC Chairman Alieu Momar Njai, it is still subjected to scrutiny.

According to the Elections Act of The Gambia, a presidential aspirant must be a Gambian; age minimum of 30 years but not more than 65; the candidate shall possess atleast a senior secondary school certificate; a candidate must have lived five years in the country immediately preceding the election; a candidate shall be nominated by not less than 5000 voters whose names appear in the register of voters with at least 200 voters from each administrative area; income tax clearance; and deposit a fee of D500, 000.

Kandeh who is the first to file in his nomination was accompanied to the IEC headquarters by party supporters and was received on arrival by the IEC chairman, Alieu Momarr Njai.

Speaking to the waiting press shortly after his nomination, Kandeh said he is looking forward to a peaceful election and that Gambians will come out in numbers to vote.

He extolled the IEC for ensuring a level playing field since he joined the political arena. He expressed his total confidence in the Commission in conducting free and fair polls in The Gambia.

He also called on Gambians to vote for him, saying he is confident of winning the election. “My chances of winning the election are 90%,” he added.

by Alieu Ceesay