Man, 32, Invents Local Radio Nuimi FM

Man, 32, Invents Local Radio Nuimi FM




Amadou Jallow, a 32- year-old man and a native of Maka Balla Manneh in the Lower Nuimi District of the North Bank Region has invented a local FM station called Nuimi FM. The station operates on the frequency of 94.3 covering about 7 kilometres around the catchment area and the border villages in Senegal.

One of Daily Obsever ‘s  reporter visited the Nuimi FM studios on Saturday night and had an interview with the inventor. According to him, it all appeared to him as a dream from where he started collecting some electronic devices related to radio and joining them.

“This was four years ago. I started transmission in 2012 but it was not until 2016 that I gained a wider coverage within and outside the country and the border villages in Senegal,” Jallow said.

According to him, his reason for inventing the radio station is to respond to the needs of society by educating, entertaining and informing the public of what happens in and around the world. “I’m running Islamic programmes, entertainment, and announcement and covering Islamic activities like Gamo and announce some obituaries amongst others,” he stressed.

Amadou Jallow did not attend English school but has passion to study engineering to widen his knowledge on radio operations. ”I didn’t go to school; I learnt Arabic but I need to learn  more about engineering.”

The talented young Gambian, Jallow also called on Gambians and other organisations to help him in whatever, way they can. “I’m doing it for free and am not gaining anything from it. I need support because I’m a family man and I need to take care of them,” he affirmed.

by Alhagie Babou Jallow