Man Charged for Stabbing, Resisting Arrest

Man Charged for Stabbing, Resisting Arrest




A two-count charge of assault causing actual bodily harm and resisting from a police arrest have been leveled against one Muhammed Kongira by Police prosecutors before Magistrate Blessed of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

He denied the allegations, prompting the prosecuting officer, Assistant Superintendent Fadera to direct his first witness, one Muhammed Trawally who is also the complainant to lead his evidence. Trawally identified himself as a welder by profession and resides in Kanifing Layout.

He told the court in his testimony that on the day of last Koriteh, he had a problem with the accused person when he (the accused) poured water all over his body and insulted his mother.

He said while the problem was ongoing, a Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officer attached to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) office came and arrested both him and the accused person and then handed them to the Old Jeshwang Police Post where, he said they were interrogated and he (witness) was released first.

Trawally said after he was released, he went home and took bath before coming out to take a rest outside of his home. He said while he was sitting outside, the accused met him there and insulted his mother again.

According to him, when he took some steps away from the accused, he (the accused) hit him with an object on his left and right hand side. “The accused then stab me on my right and three stabs on my left hand side with a knife and ran away. I was bleeding but I managed to rush to the Old Jeshwang Police Post to lodge a complaint there before proceeding to the Serekunda hospital where I was admitted for two days,” he said.

Trawally further told the court that he was wearing an armless shirt with an Adidas mark and a brown short which, along with Trawally’s medical report from the Serekunda Hospital were admitted as evidence despite the accused person’s objection.

The blood-stained armless shirt was shown in court and the presiding magistrate admitted it as an exhibit on the grounds that it is relevant to the case. The witness added that after he was discharged from the hospital, he went back to the police station.

During Cross-Examination, the accused questioned the witness on how he knew that he was stabbed with a knife since the alleged incident occurred at night. The witness replied that he knew from the seconds he was stabbed that it was a knife.

The accused however maintained that it was the witness who first attacked him with an iron bar but the witness denied his claims. Hearing continues on 7th September.

by Meita Touray