Manyima Bojang: The Brain Behind Nyimsi B Promotion

Manyima Bojang: The Brain Behind Nyimsi B Promotion



Manyima Bojang alias Nyimsi B, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nyimsi B Promotions (Youth in Action), an organisation aimed at creating opportunities for young people to showcase their talents. The 27-year-old was an ex-journalist, musician, actress-turned full-time entrepreneur running her own business empire.

BANTABA 2Bantaba recently caught up with her and had this exclusive interview. Here is an excerpt.

Bantaba: How did your business start?

Manyima: I started my career as a journalist way back at the Gunjur Radio Station, and later got chance to go for studies at the Media Agenda Institute. Afterwards, I got another opportunity to work with Hilltop Radio and it was during that period that I fell in love with writing. I proceeded to Insight Training Centre, where I studied Print Media and later joined The Standard Newspaper as a reporter and marketer.

While working with The Standard Newspaper, I dealt with many areas and I was dedicated, as I work wholeheartedly because I have a passion and love for writing since when I was a child. I always wanted be a journalist, and I was doing both reporting and marketing. However, marketing took most part of my job and it was through marketing that I made links and was not too active in reporting compared to marketing. I worked in different fields before I finally decided to set up my own business organisation in 2010 and I am now a full-time business tycoon.

Bantaba: Nyimsi B Promotion is in to so many things, tell us about some of the activities you are into and how many people did you employee?

Manyima: Nyimsi B Promotion (YOUTH IN ACTION) was founded way back in 2010 by me with the main aim to provide job opportunities for young people and creating platform whereby youths can showcase their hidden talent and complement the efforts of Government. Our slogan is “Rabayii” and our Motto is “Asked what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you.”

We are into event organising, event management, event promotion, film production, magazine publication among others. And I am currently working with over one hundred young people across the Gambia; guess what anywhere in Gambia one goes you will find a Nyimsi B product.

Some never knew they could make good actresses or actors, we brought out the talent in them; some never knew they could even talk in crowd, but we made them to be very charismatic; some never knew they could be good writers, but today we brought up the hidden skills; some never knew they could be good in business and we helped them realise this and this is just little of our impact in the country.

Bantaba: Over the years you have organised different events, what was the rationale behind and what benefit did the winners tap?

Manyima: We organised many successful events such as wrestling, talent hunt and during that period we brought in over 50 young contestants to compete in different categories; such as singing, dancing, public speaking, modeling and instrument playing.

Our semi finalist was featured on GRTS and we gave out over D50, 000 worth of prize. We also premiered our movie, ‘The Boy is Mine’, and launched the maiden edition of our magazine; it was also a huge success. All our magazines were sold out at the night of the launching of ‘The Hottest Spot”. Also we held kids Christmas Party for the children of West Coast Region at our restaurant. And from now on every Christmas we will be organising such events. We thanked God Almighty that all our events were very successful through the support of Gambians.

BAMTABA 3Bantaba: What has been your biggest achievement?

Manyima: My biggest achievement is to successfully bring young people of this country together and unlock their hidden talents.

Bantaba: In ten years time what level do you expect your organisation to be?

Manyima: In ten years time by God willing we will be bigger and better and will create more job opportunities for young people not just in Gambia but across Africa.

Bantaba: Who are those who inspire you?

Manyima: Well I was inspired by The Gambian leader, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya A. J. J Jammeh, Babili Mansa, for many reasons among which is his stand in creating an enabling environment in the country. Madi Ceesay of Media Agenda also inspired me into journalism, Uncle George Gomez, inspired me into event organising and business and Momodou Sabally inspired me into writing.

Sabally and I shared few articles back in the days at Standard Newspaper, which motivated him to visit a little journalist like me at the office. His words and advice still echo in my mind and he personally handed over his books to me for guidance.

Bantaba: Final Words?

Manyima: Let the young people of the Gambia take ownership and make hay while the sunshine. At the age 27, if you can make it everyone else can; I was not born into a rich family and life was not all merry and happy. I have challenges and it was never easy.

Let us put tribalism, religion and political differences aside and work collectively for the interest of nation building. What we have in the Gambia with determination and handwork, we will all become job creators instead of job seekers. Let us be determined, ambitious and hardworking and live the rest in the hands of God Almighty.