Mass Voter Education Underway in LRR

Mass Voter Education Underway in LRR




The last phase of the National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) open forum locally called ‘Bantaba’ ahead of the  December 1 2016 polls, is underway in Lower River Region (LRR).

The bantaba forum, which commenced in Pakaliba, Sutukung, Bureng and Wellingaraba all in Jarra East district, is expected to continue in 16 other communities within Jarra and Kiang in the Lower River Region.

At a forum held in Jarra East, Junkung K. Saidy, senior civic education officer at NCCE, reminded electorates in the area about the preparations undertaken by IEC ahead of the upcoming Presidential election.

This preparation, he went on, includes issuing new voter’s cards, transferred of voter cards from one constituency to another, replacement and creation of more additional polling stations in the country.

Saidy revealed that statistics have shown that 52% of women go out to cast their votes. He then called on youths to see election as something crucial.

Kebba O. Jobe, civic education officer at NCCE, reminded voters in Jarra East not to wear any political party symbol during election day, adding that ‘if anyone is found wanting will face the full force of the law.”

He called on the people in the area especially the youths not to be used by anyone for inciting violence during campaign period.

Jobe underscored the importance of peace and stability in the development of any country, positing that any political party or parties endorsed by the Independent Electoral Commission for December 1 Presidential polls, that political party has all the rights to hold rally in any towns or villages based on IEC campaign itinerary without interference.

Similar sensitisation forums will be conducted in Japineh, Jalangberreh, Sitahuma all in Jarra Central, Kani Kunda, Sankuya, Missira in Jarra West, Geniere, Sare Samba, Kolior Nyamala in Kiang East, Nema, Sibito, Kwinella Sansanyo-kono in Kiang Central and Karantaba, Janneh Kunda, Tankular and Keneba all in Kiang West District.

by Lamin B. Darboe