Mo Hawk Bags Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sound Production

Mo Hawk Bags Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sound Production




Former Fugitivz’ rapstar, Mohammed Kah, alias Mo Hawk (Rap Khalifa) recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Sound Production Second Class (1st Division) on the 4th of August 2016. His graduation is scheduled for September 20th 2016.

Mo Hawk started a course in Sound Production at Birmingham Metropolitan College in 2012 / 2014, and then finished it at University of Wolverhampton in 2015 / 2016.

“The reason I did the course is because I love production and I also want to make sure Gambia has professionals since we have inspired lot of youths into music,” Mo Hawk disclosed.

Since moving on from his former rap group, Da Fugitivz, Mo Hawk built a name for himself with the setting up of his sound engineering company called Mohawk Ent which is part of Da Block Studios in Pipeline. The recording studio produces beats and promotes artistes.

“Next is to go to Gambia and do lot of work; producing, counselling and so on. Our music industry has no setup, which led everyone to doing what they want. We have lots of talents but the artistes need guidance. And the only way forward is to set up the structure properly and let NCAC do their job,” Mo Hawk told Observer Light.

By Hassan Jallow