Mobile Phone Thief Convicted

Mobile Phone Thief Convicted




Magistrate Muhammed Krubally of the Bundung Magistrates’ Court last week convicted one Sainey Jaiteh to a fine of D1, 500 after he was found guilty of stealing a mobile phone.

The magistrate ruled that Jaiteh would serve a month in prison should he fail to pay the fine. He also ordered that the stolen phone which is now in the custody of the court be returned to the owner.

Jaiteh is convicted for breaking into the house of one Lamin Jammeh and stole his phone on 22nd August 2015. He has pleaded with the court to consider that he is a family man with many responsibilities. He said he has regretted his action and asked the court to exercise mercy on him.

The magistrate said since the convict is a first time offender, the court would prefer imposing a fine on him rather than custodial sentence.

by Modou Kanteh