More July 22nd Messages for President Jammeh

More July 22nd Messages for President Jammeh



The President, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa continues to receive July 22nd anniversary messages. The latest to write to the Presidency include Johnny Gomez, President of The Gambia Cricket Association and the Musu Drammeh Football Academy of Brikama. The messages read:

Re: July 22nd Celebration 2016

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mr. President, Happy Celebration and many more to come. May you live long, May Allah continue to guide and keep you, may He bless you and grant you all your heart desires, on all you intend to do for our beloved country.

My President, I hereby congratulate you for this Year’s July 22nd Celebration. Another year of Tremendous Development Progress, and Peace in our Beloved Country. This shows your resilience and your ultimate desire and decision to take this country to higher heights, God will grant your heart desires for total development and transformation of the lives of Gambians, I pray that Allah will answer all your prayers for this Nation and yourself. Ameen

Sir, again you have shut the mouths of critics, those who aspiring to take the mantle of office, saying that the people will not turn out for the 22nd July Celebrations, I think we all saw the turn out, if they are sincere, they should again come and apologize to the public, because what they said didn’t happen. Sir, I reiterate again that you are an ordained Minister of God, according the Bible Reference, Romans 13 Verse 1-5. Sir, don’t ever mortgage your conviction for any reason, your decision is your Destiny, Nobody should take decisions for you. What God has ordained for you, nobody can change it. Only God have the last say in your life, just continue putting your Hope, Trust and Confidence in Allah.

Your Excellency, I once again express my unflinching support to your Cabinet and Government, may the good Lord continue to grant you the vision, wisdom and strategies you need to guide this great nation. The Gambian people are behind you and will always support you and your administration. Allah be praise on your behalf.

Subhan Allah, Al-Hamdoulillah, Allah Akbar

Johhny Gomez

President Gambia Cricket Association

Africa Cricket Association Executive Board Member

ICC/ACA accredited coaching and umpiring instructor

For North/West Africa Region


Wishing you 22nd July Revolution Anniversary Celebration

Your Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhagie Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa, we writing to you, with reference to the above caption to wish you, your family and the entire beautiful nation of the Gambia a happy 22nd anniversary and to reflect on the progress you have made with the advent of your leadership, twenty two years ago to the day.

The management, coaches and players of Musu Drammeh Football Academy, acronym name (M.D.F.A) wishes to thank and encourage you on the right path in developing our blessed country further Insha’ Allah.

May Allah grant you long life, good health and the continued focus to complete this enormous task.

Lamin Taal

For: Chairman/CEO

Musu Drammeh Football Academy