More Messages for President Jammeh

More Messages for President Jammeh



The President, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa has received a congratulatory message from Mr. Hatem Raslan, the Gambian Honorary Concul in Egypt. In the same vein, the President has received messages from Mr. Sana Tambedou of Bijilo Village and Momodou G. Njie, Secretary General of the second Badge of 33 Gambian Medical Graduates from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela seven years ago. The messages read;

Assalamu Alaikumwa- Rahmatullahiwa – Barakatuh,

Your Excellency, with your goodwill gesture and intention for the people of The Gambia, I write to congratulate you on the occasion of the 22nd years anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution.

Your Excellency, I take this opportunity to wish you a celebration of the 22nd July Revolution which all Gambians are really enjoying today with heart full of pleasure, glory and much of all happiness from your ruling.

I write to show my appreciation without hesitation to acknowledge the rapid socio-economic and political development of our beloved nation.

In conclusion, I pray for your personal wellbeing, may the Almighty Allah continue to widen your good wisdom, give you long life, prosperity in stewardship of our beloved country, The Gambia.

May the Almighty Allah guide and protect you and your family, may the Almighty Allah give you the strength and wisdom to stir the affairs of this nation The Gambia to wherever you wish to reach with The Gambia.  Amen!!!

Yours faithfully,

Hatem Raslan

Gambian Honorary Consul Egypt


Letter of Appreciation

Your Excellency, First and foremost, we the 33 Gambian graduated doctors from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela would personally and respectfully like to thank you Your Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa, President of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia, for your kindness and generosity by giving us the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, under The Gambia-Venezuela bilateral Scholarship scheme some seven years ago.

Your Excellency, we strongly believe that without you, this would not have been possible. Therefore, we are sincerely grateful for your magnificent gesture and kindness. Similarly, we do appreciate and value this opportunity that was given to us out of tens of thousands of equally qualified young Gambians. This is a clear manifestation to all Gambians and the world at large about the special interest your government attaches to the development of this great and blessed nation of ours, especially in the area of health as enshrined in the national development agenda’s blueprint to bring accessibility, affordability and quality healthcare to all Gambians and non-Gambians alike living in this great and blessed nation, especially to the most underprivileged.

Once again we the 33 Gambian medical graduated doctors would like to assure you of our commitment to serve the Gambian people under your dynamic leadership with loyalty, dedication, devotion and hard work for the achievement of your vision “Health for all,” a vision that has been in the forefront of your government’s development priorities as we have seen the ongoing infrastructural development inauguration of health facilities, purchases of first class equipments and training of the human resources.

Finally Your Excellency, we would like to recognize Your Excellency’s commitment and support to us during the course of our training.  We thank you for your endless service to humanity and may Allah the Almighty continue to shower His endless blessings, guidance and protection on you, the First Family and to The Gambian people at large, and also to give you good health, long life and the wisdom to continue to serve The Gambian people in many years to come.

Mustapha G. Njie

Secretary General of the 2nd badge of Gambian Medical Graduates from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


Special July 22nd Revolution Felicitation

‘If a nation is to develop there has to be proud instances of gallantry; the July 22nd Revolution celebration is reminiscent of that fateful Friday morning when the nation woke up to a new dawn of her political history. It is particularly significant in the sense that it was the most tranquil and peaceful change of government the continent had ever witnessed. Aside from its peaceful nature it has brought immense social and economic benefits to all and sundry within a short space of time irrespective of one’s political affiliation.

Since the dawn of what I often call Development Oriented Revolution, countless projects ranging from agriculture, education, health and infrastructure have been initiated and successfully completed impacting every sector of human endeavors.  However one particular project that will go down in the anal of history is the recent Rural Electrification Project.  This project is like a dream come true for most of us who hail from the provinces. The provision of this long awaited service in the provincial settlements, especially in my native village of Brikamaba, will not only transform the socioeconomic dynamics of our people but will greatly accelerate the physical transfiguration of that community from the bucolic rural settlement to a more sprawling modern city of the 21st century; poverty will become once upon a time.

Your Excellency, I was part of the unofficial party of the 2016 Meet the people tour. However, my determination to continue with your entourage round the country was cut short by the sudden demise of my beloved mother while we were in Janjang Bureh on Friday the 20th of May 2016.  Aside from this irreparable loss, it had a knock on the effect on my ambition to follow Your Excellency every step of the way especially in Jahally Pacharr where your crusade against food insecurity is a glaring reality. However, the little impression I was able to garner on the tour and continued to monitor on GRTS has been that with a united Gambia under your stewardship this country can stand tall amongst the community of nations notwithstanding our size and cultural diversity.

Your strive for Gambia’s self sufficiency is not only confine to food security but also natural mineral resources which took you to the other bank of the River Gambia while in Central River Region, where you collected a sample of gravels apparently for scientific analysis. May their outcomes reveal some rare hidden treasures surpassing the recent discovery of helium gas in Tanzania! In the name of Allah, I pray.

Your Excellency, it is in recognition of your immense contribution to the nation’s welfare unparalleled anywhere in the world in the world and indeed my own personal conviction in your aspiration for our beloved Gambia which is so surreal and sublime that it has assumed an ethereal proportion, that I have the pleasure and honour to remind you once again that I named my only male child after Your Excellency, Dr. Alh. Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa.

Once again, I pray that Allah Subhanna Wata Ala, under whose scrutiny monitors every effort, continues to support and shower on you much blessing and wisdom, your family and the entire government for the greater good of The Gambia and her people.

Your beloved son and Dearest friend,

Sana Tambedou

Student, Law Faculty