More Messages for President Jammeh

More Messages for President Jammeh



The President His Excellency Sheikh Professor Dr. Alhaji Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa continues to receive goodwill messages from Gambians both at home and in the Diaspora. The latest to write to the Presidency are Samsudeen Sarr, the Gambia’s Deputy Permanent Representative at the United Nations and Mr. Sariyang M.K. Jobarteh the Deputy Director General at the Department of Agriculture. The messages read:

Letter of Gratitude

Your Excellency, I am highly privileged and of course genuinely gratified to be among the special Gambians in the Diaspora you identified and decorated on August 20, 2016 in recognition of our contribution to the success of the 22nd July 1994 Revolution. Recognising or appreciating my contribution in the success of that dynamic event of your vision, through such a prestigious national ceremony, eternalized by offering us such priceless awards, has indeed been greatly comforting, inspirational and quite energizing. You have of course through this gesture that also resonates as a special counseling helped in fortifying my resolve to continue rendering the best of my service to you, your family, government and the whole country.

I stand to pledge that as the champion of our nation’s wellbeing renowned beyond her frontiers, I will double all efforts of spreading the uniqueness of your spirit and nobility attributable to all your formidable achievements. And to broadly share my conviction that, as our president, you thrive fundamentally in your endeavors, rooted deeply in human-sustaining values.

Your Excellency, as we continue to acknowledged and treasure the constructive significance of the 22nd July 1994 Revolution of which am distinctly honored to be associated with its success, I deem it ever more important to underscore the progressive relationship you have since forged with Gambians and non-Gambians that resulted in swapping their past sorrows with abundance of joy, their losses with tremendous gains and their hopelessness with infinite hope.

Your Excellency, it indeed gratifies me for being chosen as part of those walking with you in the gentle pathways and smooth roads you have paved for every enlightened Gambian. A bit of uncertainty could remain here and there or some occasional but negligible forces of opposition emerging or still, at times, hesitations from few allies which are all perfectly normal in any form of political rectification, but the cardinal truth remains that we are extremely grateful to you and your achievements which are far greater than you might even realize.

Your Excellency, while the country prepares for the upcoming presidential elections in December 2016, of which your victory grounded on your marvelous track record and vast national support is certainly a foregone conclusion, I pray for your good health, wishing that Almighty the Allah will continue endowing you and your whole family lasting vitality and soul-fulfilling sustenance.

May the Almighty Allah guide you through the next-five-year term, conferring you the wisdom, tenacity and resources essential for the realization of all your objectives.

Thank you so much Mr. President!

Samsudeen Sarr

Deputy Permanent Representative

United Nations Organization

New Your City, USA


Message of Congratulation to H.E the President of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia on the Occasion of Eid-Al Adha

Assalamu Alaikum; Eid Mubarak!

I and my family heartily congratulate you on the sacred occasion of Eid Al-Adha the symbol of spiritual unity and solidarity of the Muslim Ummah, and send our best wishes.

Eid Al-Adha is the personification of the blessed day when Islam was completed as a religion and was chosen as the part to salvation for the people. On this auspicious day, the majority of Muslims, making sacrifice in the name of God, experience the joy of closeness to Allah and attachment to moral values, demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of noble ideas.

Your Excellency, Eid Al-Adha is a celebration of kindness, mercy and compassion. Eid Al-Adha ceremony is annually performed in the Islamic Republic of The Gambia with a great sense of joy, urge people to live in peace and tranquility; becomes a triumph of national and spiritual solidarity, humanism and brotherhood in our society. These days our country conducts extensive charity events, every Muslim who has the ability helps the needy with an open heart. All these are possible because of the congenial atmosphere of peace, love, harmony, and security that your government created in the country.

Your Excellency, you have always continued taking lead in the areas of humanity, kindness and help to the needy with open heart to your countrymen. I am grateful Your Excellency.

Eid is an auspicious occasion. On this day, we should thank Allah (SWT) for having been able to experience yet another sacred and blessed Eid Al-Adha.

Your Excellency, on the sacred Eid Al-Adha, I and my family wish you and your family good health and happiness. May Allah (SWT) provide you with an excellent opportunity for personal and spiritual elevation. Ameen.

May Allah (SWT) guide you and all Gambians and the whole humanity towards love, peace, justice, harmony, fellowship and security.

Once again, my best wishes for a joyous Eid, and for good health, happiness and prosperity throughout the year. Kullu Aam Wa’ Antum Bikhairi.

Please Your Excellency, I avail myself of this opportunity to renew to you the assurances of my highest consideration and esteem.

Waa Salaam

Sariyang MK Jobarteh

Deputy Director General

Department of Agriculture