Musician Denies Ownership of Drum Containing Cannabis

Musician Denies Ownership of Drum Containing Cannabis

 One Muhammeh Kongira, a musician residing in Manjai, last week Wednesday gave his defence testimony in a drug case he is involved in before Magistrate Blessed of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court, during which he denied ownership of the musical drum containing cannabis that was allegedly found under his care.

COURTKongira in his testimony told the court that the said drum containing suspected cannabis belongs to his friend who he invited to his house for a private discussion . He added that after the arrival of his friend with the said drum, he (accused) told the friend to place the drum outside since his (Kongira) house is not spacious to accommodate the drum.

He further told the court that his friend then placed the drum beside his store, saying it was not known to him that the drum was containing cannabis.

He narrated to the court that after he and his friend ate and smoked, he (the friend) went and stood at the compound gate and after few minutes, the narcotic officers came into his house and conducted a search but they did not   find anything there but the said cannabis was later found inside the drum.

He said, “I told the officers that the owner of this drum is standing at the entrance of the compound. The officers went to the compound gate but could not find him.

Kongira is defending himself in a one count charge of possession of prohibited drugs contrary to the laws of the Gambia.

by Meita Touray