My Brother Malice Me Because of His Wife

My Brother Malice Me Because of His Wife



Beauty of the Week


My brother’s action amused me. He’s malice me because of his wife.  My brother’s wife wears different kind of dresses that shows her glowing skin, stacked boobs that you can see them through the transparent cloths. Also, she does not care about people watching or looking at her because she thought she’s beautiful, attractive and marvelously dressed.

I feel bad each time young boys pass free illicit comments on her while she responded to them sensationally. She’s 12 years younger than her husband, my brother, but we’re almost bracket in age. I called my brother aside to talk to him about this but my brother got annoyed just because I said “she’s a mother of one but her nakedness has become what spectators look free of charge.” This didn’t go well with my brother he said that’s an insult I should keep my eyes away from his wife if I don’t want his trouble. He made me angry and said either jokingly or not that ‘do you think you can convince me of (you) not interested in her.’ I got upset and walked away from him. It is almost two months now he never responded to my greeting or chat with me like we did in the past.


Like the English man says ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison.’ You classified your brother’s wife appearance or dressing to be an eyesore while your brother appreciates and it is core to him. Your brother might not see it the way you are looking at it because he loves his wife, they both love each other. Remember that attributes of love understanding, acceptance, tolerance, respect, faithful, and freedom, trustworthy among others. Your brother and his wife are enjoying all these among themselves, so your comments about his wife landed in the wrong side of his ear. Where you have problem with your brother is the presentation of your comment before him and the mood he was when you talked to him made him to misconstrue you. Your brother has seen this young lady before marrying her. More so, he has followed the words of Thomas Merton which says “the beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.” Truly, your words is insulting to him because is your elder. Two wrong cannot make right, you need to apologize to your brother and tell him that you felt bad because of those young boys outside who used to disturb her when she is passing. As far as your brother, her husband, is not complaining keep your comment somewhere and as well keep your eyes away from his dressing. This is because he likes his wife dressing! Good luck!

What Are Signs of Not Being a Good Husband?


I am a regular reader of this page. I read your response to Maa about the ‘cause of failure in marriage.’ However, my question is what is the sign that you can see in a man that will help you to know that the man would not be a good husband.


Without a soothsayer if you are a good observer there are many signs you can see in a man that will clearly tells you if such man will be a good husband or not. Sometimes women don’t put them into consideration that’s why there are so many failed marriages today and it is as a result of women’s failure to detect if a man they are dating will be a good spouse or not. Although some ladies are very wise to detect them but with believe that they can reform such man to be a good husband after marriage. Among the signs include battering of woman, pathetic liar, over jealous, uncaring man, a man that like to dominate a woman (too much of control), a man who doesn’t respect your feeling or opinion, a guy who doesn’t plan or share ideas with you all these and among lots are a good sign that such a man will never be a good husband. Good luck!

I Can’t Understand Her


There is a girl I am trying to approach but it is difficult for me to confront her. This is due to the fact that I always don’t understand her mood. How can I decide the good, better or best time to open up to her.


Well, you are the one that know her and you see her everyday. I can only advice you to study and observe her to know when she is ready to listen, when she is happy, and when she doesn’t want to be alone. It could be your super chance but remember that when a girl is quiet, there are many things ongoing in her mind. If she is not arguing she might be thinking deeply, and if she is looking at you without blinking the eyes, she is wondering how long you will be around. More so, if she answers you ‘I am fine, I am fine,’ she isn’t at all and when she stares at you she is wondering why you are lying. But if it happens that you already got her if she lays on your chest, she is wishing that you be hers forever and if she wants to see you everyday it is because she wants to be pampered and if you are lucky and she say “I love you,” she means it. So take your time to know her mood and strike at the right time. Good luck!

I Really Love Him!


In my life I never told a guy that I feel something for him until recent. This guy used to be my friend that we chat every time and we very much got used to each other. I one day disclosed my feeling to him and he said he too felt the same way for me. It is now two months that we are dating but this guy is not responding to me like before again. Sincerely, I have never loved a guy like I love him but he is seemingly acting as if he is no more interested in the relationship. Nowadays, we do communicate but it is never like before. I don’t know if he is no more interested in the relationship anymore.



The issue is that we all want a type of relationship that will match Alexander Hamilton Rice words – “O happy hours when I may once more encircle within these arms the dearest object of my love – when I shall again feel the pressure of that ‘aching head’ which will delight to recline upon my bosom, when I may again press to my heart which palpitates with the purest affection that loved one who has so long shared its undivided devotion….” Well, if this is the type of a relationship you want, discuss what you have observed in this two months old relationship with your guy and see how best you can both change and meet up. But if he is not ready to continue with the way you started it keep a distance when he misses you he will surely come to you. Good luck!