“My Co-wife bites, Swallowed My Right Finger’’

“My Co-wife bites, Swallowed My Right Finger’’

Abie Manneh, a resident of Faraba Banta village in Kombo East and the first prosecution witness in in an assault trial involving Jainaba Saidy Tuesday informed the Brikama Magistrates’ Court that the accused person (her co-wife) had bite and swallowed her right finger.

Jainaba is accused of willfully and unlawfully assaulting Abie Manneh by causing her grievous bodily harm to wit her right index finger on or about 13th September 2016 at Faraba Banta village in Kombo East.

Giving her evidence-in-chief in a congested court room before Magistrate Isatou Jammeh, the witness said at about 3pm on 13th September 2016 the accused sent her child to call her (witness) for their usual lunch.

She asserted that during the lunch, the accused picked all the meat in the basin and put it on a plate then started serving it to the kids and herself (accused) and denied her (witness) from taking the meat.

She said when she tried to picked a piece of meat from the plate; the accused asked her where she was taking the meat. She said when she responded, the accused attacked her and bite her right finger and swallow it resulting to their fight.

The witness further revealed that during the fight, their husband lifted her (witness) up and threw her on the ground and also pushed her into the living room.

She said while she was going for her child from her in-law, the accused came from her behind and lifted her on the ground.

She told the court that her husband’s brother later wanted to separate them but her husband asked him not to do it. She said one of her guardian asked her to go with him to his compound while her hand was bleeding. “I thought my husband was going to take me to the hospital but he didn’t. I called my brothers in Makumbaya to help and take me to the hospital,” she said.

She said when her brothers came, they reported the matter to the police station and were escorted by a police officer to the Brikama Health Centre where she was treated and later came back to the police station.

At the station, she said the police officers asked if her husband was not aware of the incident and she told them that her husband was present at the scene. She said the husband was called by the police officer but he could not be reached.

She said when she returned to the station with her husband, the husband’s brother and her in-law, she gave her statement.

The police prosecutor Sergeant 2294 Jammeh then applied to tender the witness’s medical certificate in evidence which was admitted and marked as exhibit A.

Under cross-examination by the accused person, the witness revealed that the accused person was the one whom started the fight and that all what she testified in her evidence was the truth.

The case is adjourned to 26th October 2016.

by Fatou Gassama