My Cougar Man Hates My Boyfriend

My Cougar Man Hates My Boyfriend



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It is closer to a year now since we started dating. He is truly twice older than I am. These days I am having problems with him because he dislikes seeing me with younger men. His jealousy is driving me crazy. His act of jealousy irritates me and makes me feel very uncomfortable and sick especially among my mates. How can I make him understand that I need to marry one day and to my agemate?


You made a choice, there is no need to lament further because no Sugar-Daddy would like to see a girl whom he’s lavishing his money on, frolicking with other small boys (as Sugar-Daddy will say). Same thing, Sugar-Mummy doesn’t like it either. So, in your case know that you cannot eat your cake and have it. Between your Cougar man and young boy/man with fresh blood, you need to choose one. If you choose to be with your Cougar man as you think is the best for you or because of some goodies then stop crying about his treatment towards you. And if you will like to choose your fresh blood young lover then tell your Cougar man ‘go to hell’ and walk away for good. There is no special way to make him understand than ‘choice.’ So make a choice because you cannot blow your nose at the same time, blow whistle…. impossible ! Good luck!

He Makes Me Cry Always!


I want to stop dating my boyfriend because he always insults and embarrasses me. This started when I advised him to get serious and stop keeping company with idle friends. This hurts that I sometimes cry. Moreso, we constantly break up and reconcile but now I am totally tired of the relationship.


It is said many times that if you love something let it go; if it comes back to you it’s yours; if it doesn’t it never was. So if it is because of your lovely advice that warranted him to alter some undeserved words and statements to you especially about his life, leave him. When he realises the truth, he will surely retrace his track. A dog that will go astray will never listen to the whistle of a hunter. Therefore, if you are really fed-up with the relationship because you are the one in it, kiss him goodbye. There is always a love and caring one at the corner.

Good luck!

He’s a Different Man Now!


Our relationship will be two years old. We started very well like other sweet lovers but now we are heading different way with different long songs. I really don’t understand this man anymore. Sincerely, if I send him text now he hardly replies to my text, he does not have my time anymore.


Why don’t you find time to have heart-to-heart talk with your guy to tell you what might be the problem? Visit him and talk to him about your plan for your relationship anniversary. Make him understand how you feel and how you want the relationship to be stronger than before. However, if he still doesn’t want to change then try to be on your own. When there is a loophole it is necessary to fill it but if it cannot be filled avoid it. Good luck!

He Always Brings Outside Talk When Balling!

I am sometimes disgusted about my new boyfriend’s attitude on bed when having nice time together. He likes bringing on some outside talks when balling and this always kills my emotional feeling. He never talked about how to improve about or make our love strong. You might be wondering but I know with your experience you will understand what I mean because it is very hard for me or other ladies in my shoe to reach a climax while listening to a partner talking about family misunderstanding; cost of items at supermarket, friends’ attitude. All I know is that it doesn’t make me comfortable on bed.


We have always said it here that it is necessary that partners know their likes and dislikes when they start dating. Again, what you don’t like or cannot accept quickly point it out to your partner rather than concealing and waiting for a change when it is late. What I am trying to explain here is that since day one or the first time you made it together in love, you should have let him know that you are not satisfied with his bedtime attitude. I cannot understand why you keep abiding by it till this time. Probably, because of what he is and you don’t want to lose him. You might be thinking of controlling his bedtime act, but I bet, you can’t because it is part of him already unless you talk about it. This is because it might be his s****l stimulation strategy. I mean the best way he can use to put himself in mood and acquire more energy in bed. This doesn’t work for you because it is not your style but to him it might be his best eroticism tablet. In my own opinion, there is need to discuss this with him and possibly, tell him to change his bedtime talks/discussions to threshing-out when you are together on bed. I know it can help both of you. For more information on this you can send message or call Lovelines. Good luck!

I Need A Partner


I am a young man in my late 30s. I reside abroad but I am interested in having a partner back home.  I would be happy if I can be linked with a young beautiful lady for a lasting relationship. No specific tribe required. Thanks!



Are you a young lady that is interested in a distance relationship that can in the future lead to the altar? Well, for more information, message Lovelines or pick your phone to type the text message or make the call as usual to any of the Lovelines numbers. Good luck!


She’s Playing  Strategy With Me!


There is this girl that attracted me a lot. Just like me, she is single but she is making it very hard for me to get into her life. I don’t know if she is trying to check if I am having a genuine love for her or not. But I am really interested in her.



It is not that she is making it hard for you to get into her life, interest matters  in this case. Let her know you are serious. But if she still doesn’t give you the positive response or consideration, there is no need to continue wallowing in love expectation which might never be. So, wake up, check on other ladies that will not stress you because if someone wants to be a part of your life such person will make an obvious effort to do so. Therefore, do not be confused or be a dreamer. Good luck!