My Husband’s Brother Wants to Inherit Me?

My Husband’s Brother Wants to Inherit Me?



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I am overweighed with the pressure of life. My husband’s brother wants to marry me. No one in my family seems to understand my situation because they dislike my idea while my husband’s brother too is not giving me a breathing space. Beside there is a guy on my neck he is really crazy about me, though he’s not genuine, I think.

I have a child for my late husband who was pronounced death last year by friends. He left Algiers for Tripoli to join boat to Italy with plan and hope of going further from Italy as he wished to be picked up by a friend if he reaches the European shores, which destiny denied him. Barely two months after the sad event his brother has been making sexual advancement towards me. He is married with children and he said he will marry me because he doesn’t want me to leave their compound. He said I am a good woman and he tries to be caring as he follows me everywhere. I do travel to the neighboring country for buying and selling and this man will volunteer to go with me. All this is not to the knowledge of his wife or family. I tried to stop him, but he never listen. My family thought he is a good brother that wants to take care of his brother’s family. I don’t trust him or want him. It is still difficult for me to get him off me. A guy also said he loves and wants to marry me, too and I think he’s the worst now as he lied to me that he’s single, but only to my surprise I got to know that three children are calling him ‘Baba.’ I found out as I was told he fathered them. Why the lie, I don’t understand, because for about five months, he is still not able to confirm to me if they are his children or not. Last week I saw him with a woman and a young girl, my instinct told me it is not just ordinary friends when they alighted from his car. I went pass through them unwarily as if I don’t see them. He didn’t say hi or call but he believed that I didn’t see them. When I called him later that day he sounded as if he really misses me for ages. What is next for me, I need solution.


Solution, solution! Solution is what we all look for everywhere, but sometimes solution is on our palm but indecision is our greatest enemy. There is no need to hide words under the tongue here as the best solution for you, first is to pack your bag and baggage and leave that your late husband’s house if he is not the owner of the structure or the building/house. With the sounds of your message, I know that you are still a young lady. Your late husband’s brother who said he wanted to marry you is not ready or will never marry you, he is just after your sweet and tempting flesh hence he’s just after what is under your skirt. His mission is to turn you to his mistress indirectly and make propaganda out of it that he’s taking care of the late brother’s wife and son. Mind you, gone are the days, when men inherit woman in other to take care of them to avoid such woman and children suffer. Nowadays, no man will inherit a woman first, who will be a burden or liability on him. Secondly, no man will inherit a woman whose late husband died and left behind a huge debt to pay back. Thirdly, no man will inherit any woman now without his self-interest or taking into consideration the gain/profit behind it. So, you are too young, open your eyes mind and be a wise one. There is something in you he wants! He should be thinking of how he will take care of his late brother’s child rather than how he will take care of the mother if he is a real brother. To the other guy, he must be a perpetual liar in addition, a Casanova. If he serious and honest there is nothing stopping him from declaring his real marital status to you. Married or not, divorce or not. Be careful if you don’t want to be a victim of ‘hit and run.’ Your family might not understand it from the angle you are looking at it as majority of parents doesn’t want their daughters to move from one man’s house to another. However, it is you, in a gentle manner, that can let them know all you know but they do not know. Nowadays, no one goes for wife inheritance anymore except the greed. To sum it up, it is better you leave the house and let the other family members of your late husband to know your challenges. If not your husband brother’s wife will see you as her number one enemy and rival. For more information call Lovelines or send message as usual. Good luck!


I am Not Getting His Attention


I am disturbed and don’t know what to do these days. I am no more getting attention from my fiancée like it used to be anymore. This has been on for almost three months, but these days it becomes worst. I really need your help on how I can get back his attention, please it eating me up!


I know your problem can be frustrating but I would like you to take it easy, sit down and reflect on the relationship probably you might be able to fix it up quickly than you know. This is because when attention becomes diminish in a relationship it will gradually vanish that one will start to look for it. If it becomes something you are looking for then there must be something behind it. What I am trying to let you know is there must be reasons responsible for that. And among this reasons could be as a result of time factor, job/education/business, lifestyle, friend, new appointment, big one – family pressure, and the one you might not want to hear or talk about cheating. Therefore, what has changed him that you are no more having his attention like it used to be is what you need to fix yourself. What to do is for you to find out what was the ultimate when you were enjoying his attention and now that you are no more having it. The reason might be caused by your and it might be that there is a new lady there giving him more affection that he too is reciprocating by giving her more attention. It can be possible that you are overly on him that he needs breathing space which resulted into keeping distance from you. However, make yourself busy and act as if you are less worry by making yourself busy with something else. When he notices that you are not running after him or crying for his attention like before there is possibility that he will make a U-turn to find out what is happening with you. Then you too will have your turn. This is because he will be worried and eager to know what’s going on. And if will be in your shoe and start thinking like you are now that maybe you have got a new lover that is taking your affection from him. Note one thing that ‘you don’t get a lover’s attention by being over possessive of him or her.’ For a man it will rather turn him off while and it will make a woman deceitful. Finally, this man might be looking for avenue to tell you it is over so reflect on the relationship well to pave way for the solution you need. And if he is no more interested since you are not getting his attention anymore then remember that the hottest love has the coldest end. Good luck!

We Met on Facebook


I met a guy on Facebook about a year ago. We are having good communication and relationship. He always calls my family, my brother precisely. He is caring and with kind gesture to my family and me as well. He instructed me to always check on his project here and once sent me an invitation to visit him. I am concerned about his family; I don’t know what can happen though he is staying away from his wife. Since he will be visiting in less than two months I am having two minds on him.


There is nothing to fear about on this issue. He is the man that married the first wife and he is also the man that proposed to you. He knows the situation of things before he proposed so with God everything is possible. What you only need to know about his marriage: ask him if he has divorce with his wife or if they only just separate, hence there is different between the two. In addition, have a positive mind and decide what you want from the relation whether is it ordinary dating or you want to make it to the altar. And I think he is open to you enough to enable you know that he is genuine. You can call for more information if still doubt. Good luck!