Narcotic Officer Testifies in Drug Trial

Narcotic Officer Testifies in Drug Trial



One Saidou Sowe, a Narcotic officer attached to the Barra Police Station last week testified as first prosecution witness in the ongoing trial against Musa Jangum.

In his testimony before Magistrate Kebba Baldeh at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court, Sowe stated that on 30th July 2016 at around 1am, while he, NCA Bass and NCA2 Colley were on a patrol around the Barra Night Club they saw the accused trying to dispose something that looked suspicious.

He said they went and conducted a search where the accused was standing and discovered a black sock containing cannabis. He said the accused was arrested and taken to the station and the raps of cannabis were counted in his presence.

Sowe revealed that the accused had told them that he gave D200 to one of his friends to buy the cannabis from Banjul which he put into those raps for sale.

During cross-examination by the accused person, the witness was asked if he (accused) was the only one found at the night club and how did they know that he was the owner of the cannabis? The witness responded that he (the accused) was not the only one found at the night club but that they saw him throwing the cannabis and it was found beside him.

The accused denied ownership of the cannabis, saying he only removed ‘rizzla’ from his pocket to give it to one man who asked for it from him but not cannabis.

The case is adjourned to 3rd October 2016 for continuation of hearing.

by Amie Susso