Narcotic Officer Testifies in Drug Trial

Narcotic Officer Testifies in Drug Trial




A narcotic officer attached to Gunjur police post Wednesday testified as third prosecution witness before a Kanifing Magistrate’s Court in a drug trial involving Muhammed Camara.

Giving his evidence before Magistrate Blessed, Sainey Darboe said on 28th July, 2016 he and his Senior Officer were at a checkpoint at Gunjur police post when a taxi arrived from Kartong direction.  He said when the car stopped at the checkpoint, they identified themselves to the driver and asked the accused to step down. The witness said the accused was found with a black bag which he placed under his foot sitting behind the driver.

He added that when they opened the bag, a plastic bag was found in it containing suspected cannabis. He said the accused was charged and placed under a cell.

During cross-examination, the accused denied owning the said black bag, claiming that it belonged to a passenger who left it in the car.

He maintained that he only owns two bags of ‘Kabaa’ (a local fruit) which he said were placed on top of the car. He also accused the witness of implicating him, disclosing that he and the witness had a long-standing problem, saying the witness wanted to use that problem against him in the case.

by Meita Touray