National Development Objectives Depend on Individuals  – PS Fadera


The Permanent Secretary, Personnel Management Office, Dawda Fadera, has remarked that the realisation of national development objectives depends on individuals.

He added that the health sector is a key component in that complex web of development; therefore, he added, spending anything to build capacity within the sector for any government is a useful exercise.

PS Fadera was speaking recently at the Management Development Institute (MDI) during the closing ceremony of a four-day training on leadership and management skills jointly organised by the PMO, and the Ministry of Health. The training was implemented by MDI.

“So continue to learn in different ways and make sure the multiplier effect of capacity building is to go back and apply it, and teach others,” he said, noting that the training has been a very useful interaction.

Madi Jatta, the Deputy Permanent Secretary Ministry of High Education, said: “Our belief is, in order to have an effective civil service we should have people who are well capacitised to enable them to dispense their functions in their respective institutions, units and the likes.”

He said the training is a good opportunity for all the participants, adding that they are prospective directors, heads of units so such training is very important. “The training is also part of succession planning; you need to build capacity from the bottom to the top so that tomorrow, if you are not there others can take up.”

Modou Njie, Director of Health Promotion and Education at the Ministry of Health, noted that the training has built their capacity to improve on what they have been doing as leaders and managers of their various institutions. “We have lots of young managers and we want the training to filter down to those people, especially those in the regions,” he added.


by Omar Wally


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