NDMA Needs D15M to Address Current Disaster Situation

NDMA Needs D15M to Address Current Disaster Situation




The Executive Director of the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) Lt. Col. Alhagie Sanneh has stated that his Agency needs a total amount of D15, 446, 256.5 to address the current disaster situation in the country.

Lt. Col. Sanneh, who said the estimated amount was as of September 14, 2016, was speaking on Thursday during the information sharing the Agency had with its stakeholders at the United Nations Library at the the UNDP at Cape Point in Bakau.

He acknowledged that the 2016 rainy season has witnessed some hazards/disaster incidents across the country. These incidents, he added ranged from windstorms to flash floods across the country.

”According to the data compiled by our regional establishments, the consequences included displacement of persons, injuries and death,” he said.

He added that the heavy downpour on Monday 22nd August has affected many people and caused severe damages to some houses and community structures, especially in rural Gambia. He said 4,633 people and 418 households were affected, noting that some people are without secured housing due to unavailability of alternative accommodation in some communities.

He added that a few individuals have health issues as a result of collapsed structures falling on them, noting that the North Bank Region has reported one death as a result.

“This situation is threatening lives and livelihood hence the need for urgent humanitarian intervention to protect live and livelihood; it is in line with this situation that the NDMA is convening a convergence of partners to brief them on the current situation,” he added.

Alagie Jawara, the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, described disaster as a cross-cutting issue which everyone has a stake in, noting that it needs concerted efforts to support the victims.


by Alhagie Babou Jallow & Binta Jammeh