New Slogan for Ruling Party: “APRC Amut Stress”

New Slogan for Ruling Party: “APRC Amut Stress”




The National Mobiliser of the Ruling Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, APRC, has revealed a new slogan for the party, which reads; “APRC Amut Stress”, a Wollof parlance which translates as “APRC has no stress”.

Speaking at a mass women rally on Wednesday night in Jarra Soma, Alhaji Yankuba Colley who doubles as the Mayor of Kanifing stressed that this great party and supporters have no stress in any form. “We [APRC] know very well that we are going to win come the next election,” he affirmed.

He noted that the APRC government under the leadership of President Jammeh has brought about unprecedented developments, which are visible by all including those opposing the President.

Some of those on the opposing side, according to Mayor Colley, were strong supporters of the APRC but selfishly started opposing the same party when they lose their privileges.

He urged Gambians to vote massively for the APRC. “We [APRC] are not moved by all the noise because we have been hearing the same noise since 1996,” he said in reference to the opposition parties, adding that if one takes a closer look at the people following them, it’s still fewer than 25%.

Hon. Babou Gaye Sonko, Nominated National Assembly Member and the National Youth Mobiliser of the APRC Party, used the rally to renew the loyalty of the youths to the Party and its leadership.

Gambians, he said are not fools and will for no reason exchange President Jammeh for any other person. The ruling party according to him, will win overwhelmingly come next election. He joined Mayor Colley to stress that “APRC Amut Stress!!” and that victory is already assured In shaa allahu .

Aja Isatou Jiffanga Jarju, APRC National Women Mobiliser, said the rally was not a political one, but a rally meant to say thank you to President for all he has been doing for the  Gambian women.

She equally assured that the women of the country will never betray President Jammeh. “We [women] know where President Jammeh took us from and to where we are now.”

She told the rally that the “APRC Amut Stress” is not threatened by any opposition party because Gambians are not blinded to be fooled by anyone.

Dr. Fatou Lamin Faye, Minister of Basic and Secondary Education, said the numerous projects inaugurated recently as part of the 22nd anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution is another indication of President Jammeh’s commitment to transforming the county.

The Gambia she said, has witnessed unprecedented transformation in all sectors meant to better the lives and livelihoods of Gambians. She finally called on her fellow women to come out in their numbers on Election Day and vote massively for the APRC.

Aja Mberry Sowe, an APRC supporter also spoke at the rally and praise President Jammeh for all he has done for the women, while promising that the women will pay him back come the election.

by Alieu Ceesay