New Solar Project Commissioned in Missiranding

New Solar Project Commissioned in Missiranding

The Gambia Longevity Village Enterprises (GLOVE) and a Turkey based Gambian project, Sen De Gel, recently commissioned a D647, 840 solar water distribution project in Missiranding village in Lower Niumi District, North Bank Region.

NEW SOLARCommissioning the project on behalf of the Minister of Environment, Water Resources, Climate Change, Parks and Wildlife, the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the said Ministry, Illo Jallow, expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to  GLOVE, Sen De Gel and Coca Cola Equatorial Africa Limited teams for improving the lives of the rural communities.

According to him, government cannot do it all thus the need for partners like GLOVE, Sen De Gel and Coca Cola Company to come on board and complement it’s efforts in national development.

He urged the community of Missiranding to take ownership of the new water project so that it can last long, adding that water is an important necessity in one’s life.

Saja Sambou, Human Resource, Public Affairs and Communications Manager of Gambega Ltd (the authorised bottler of Coca-Cola Company in The Gambia), said Coca Cola Equatorial Africa Limited’s funding of this important project was part of fulfillling their corporate social responsibility in the country in which they operate.

He described his company’s partnership with Sen De Gel and GLOVE as something which yielded dividend especially when it comes to implementing development projects at community level.

Patricia Baker, a member of GLOVE project in The Gambia, on behalf of the founder and chairperson of GLOVE Trustees, said the project was funded by Coca Cola Equatorial Africa Limited at a tune of D647, 840, noting that they also installed 12 public taps in the village.

The Sen De Gel General Coordinator for West Africa, Tuncay Bozkurt disclosed that his project started working in The Gambia four years ago.

“We are also operating in the Senegalese southern province of Cassamance for the past two years. Within this four years, we provided the following to the Gambian communities; 20 milling machines, 7 fishing boats, 4 fishing ponds all in Tankular village, 3 solar refrigerating system, dug 50 local hand pumps, provided 20 poultry farms and 2, 000 animals(animal husbandry),” Bozkurt stated.

The project, according to him, also provided the community with garden projects, provide training for the management of the community gardens, provide microfinance credit project and built two bakery projects in the communities of Duwasu and Jalokoto.

“Last month we executed similar solar powered distribution systems and community garden projects worth D2 million in Kunkujang, Busura and Njoufain all in Lower Niumi District,” he added.

by Lamin B. Darboe