‘Njeeri’, a Reality in Our Sports: A Marabou’s Account

‘Njeeri’, a Reality in Our Sports: A Marabou’s Account

A marabou renowned for making occult spells, locally called ‘Njeeri’ in the Wollof language and ‘Sitikong’ in Mandinka, has told Observer Light that ‘Njeeri’ is a reality and it works.

“People use different means to make the occult spells, some use Quran but others use traditional means,” the marabou, speaking on condition of anonymity said.

He added that ‘Njeeri’ is not only limited to sports. “If you want I can make ‘Njeeri’ for you and you can go to the shop and demand anything from a shopkeeper without paying a dime and he or she will not be able say or do anything,” he affirmed.

‘’I did ‘Njeeri’ for a particular football team and they won trophies three times. I have the means with me for several years without putting it into practice, but in the past three years, I have been actively making ‘Njeeri’.’’

He said the reason he ventured into ‘Njeeri’ making is because he didn’t want other teams to defeat the football team he supports. ‘’At times when the football team I support is going to play, I usually accompany them, and while they will be playing, I will also be doing my ‘Njeeri’ to enable them win,’’ he added.

“I have different means of making ‘Njeeri’ but the most common one that I use is okra plant.  However, if I’m to use the Quran, I will tie two sticks together, recite the verse and on their way to the football field, they will throw the sticks in front of them.”

He said there are many ways to destroy the spell, noting that one of them is when you take a sand of where a mole sleeps and rub it on your body, saying it automatically destroys the spell.

by Omar Wally