On CRR’s Electricity Expansion Project

On CRR’s Electricity Expansion Project


President Jammeh has made another announcement to expand electricity supply to more villages in the rural Gambia, particularly the Central River Region North during a meeting at Wassu village on day 3 of his 2016 nationwide tour.

It is noteworthy and without surprise that the people of the area had, without any preservation and doubt agreed that ‘yes’ President Jammeh will fulfill the promise as he has fulfilled all the other promises he made to Gambians.

Electricity, like many other facilities is a life changing development and is among some of the things that are counted to qualify a community as an advance developing settlement. Virtually every Gambian community; big, small and medium now has access to 24-hour uninterrupted power supply and portable safe drinking water available to them by the Jammeh administration.

It is apparently that all the prayers, promises and wishes of President Jammeh are fulfilled because he put all his hope and believe to the one Supreme Allah, who is in control of everything and every happening.

President Jammeh said by the grace of Allah, he would travel the entire country by the year 2020 and no region would have anything to demand from him because by then, he would have addressed everything that Gambians demand from him for development.

The President has done his part and even more. The decision is now left in the hands of Gambians to reciprocate his kind gestures. From electricity to water, and from schools to health facilities, agriculture and infrastructural development, President Jammeh has transformed every part of the country to the surprise of many Gambians.

We hope that Gambians will remain sober and loyal to a leader who sacrifices his entire time and resources to the development of this country and continue to stand by him for the greater good. We, therefore, once again congratulate the people of CRR North.