On Environmental Sanitation

As part of its efforts in ensuring that Gambians continue to live under high standards of environmental hygiene, the National Environment Agency (NEA), the body responsible for ensuring that the economic and social development of The Gambia is done in an environmentally sustainable manner, on Wednesday donated sanitary materials to the Banjul City Council (BCC), aimed at reinforcing their longstanding partnership in protecting the environment.

There is no doubt that the donated materials would go a long way in ensuring that the country’s capital maintains its hard earned reputation of being a high standard hygiene environment.

Therefore, the donation is indeed welcome because a clean environment is essential for human health and well-being. A healthy living environment depends on adequate sanitation. Without sanitation systems, human waste enters groundwater and surface waters.

The Gambian authorities are very conscious to this fact and as a result have introduced several initiatives to ensure that we live in very clean environments.

This explains why President Jammeh introduced the bi-monthly ‘Operation clean the nation’, and the government’s subsequent passing of the Anti-Littering Law. These were done to ensure a clean and healthy environment in the country. Steps to negotiating waste disposal and management in the country are therefore fundamental.

These environmental measures have had a positive effect on the country, contributing to the reduction of Malaria, earning The Gambia and its leadership an internationally acclaimed award for its commitment in reducing the prevalence of Malaria.

Therefore, we urge Gambians, not only Banjulians to continue to compliment the efforts made by the government by keeping our environments clean.


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