On Government-MRCG Relation

On Government-MRCG Relation


The Minister of Health has extolled government’s partnership with the Medical Research Council, The Gambia. He is absolutely right. because the relationship between MRCG and The Gambia government has been strong, sustainable, and hugely beneficial for both sides.

MRC symbolises a longstanding partnership between Gambians and the outside world, emboldening us to be proud of the contributions our brave, gallant grandparents and parents who took part in the Second World War made to promote enduring values of peace, stability, tolerance and diversity.

Because the MRC is an institution that was built on the remnants of the British Army Hospital in 1947, we should be incredibly proud that a health post that was set up to heal soldiers was transformed into one of the leading research and medical investment centers made by the British government anywhere in the developing world. The relationship between the MRC and the government has morphed into a positive relationship, which stands in pole position for good public-private cooperation.

As the Minister noted, the objective of both The Gambia government and the MRC is to improve the health of the local population with the Ministry implementing health interventions and providing healthcare, and the MRC generating new knowledge that can be used by the Ministry to adapt/improve health policies.

The unit’s research concentrates on communicable diseases of direct concern to The Gambia and the African continent, for the purpose of minimising the burden of illness and mortality in the country and the developing world as a whole.

From their centers in Keneba, Farafeni, Basse and their headquarters in Fajara, the MRC is positively helping to build a healthy population. We thank them for working with government to make this happen.

We conclude by quoting the Minister himself when he said the strong collaboration currently ongoing between his Ministry and the MRC Unit, The Gambia is essential as medical research should answer local health priorities and results should be shared and discussed together.