On National Unity

On National Unity


The historic National Youth Rally came to an end at the administrative capital of the Upper River Region, Basse, with the Minister responsible for Youth Matters giving a parting strong message, calling on them to pursue activities that would promote national unity and to jealously safeguard the peace, tolerance and co-existence that we enjoy in the country.

He further urged them to eschew temptations to be used as weapons of mass agitation and instead submit every ounce of their being and fiber of their souls to the cause of the steady development of this country.

The Minister couldn’t have said it better and he was on spot when he noted that with the guidance of His Excellency the President the country is assured to cruise at supersonic speed in this effort and strengthen our dignity as a people guided by our own value systems.

There is no gainsaying in trying to chronicle the indispensable youth development institutions established by the Jammeh administrative. Skills training, as the Minister further stated are things that the authorities continue to strongly believe as those that can sufficiently address the basic employment needs of the youth.

The government has also supported groups and individuals to start up entrepreneurship and today the majority of them are contributing positively to the socio-economic development of the country. Amongst these include the donation of seven tractors by the President to support the youth owned farms and their farming activities.

At The Gambia Songhai Centre, Gambian youths are been trained in diverse areas of agriculture to become agro-entrepreneurs; some of whom are already gainfully employed whilst others prepare to launch their private entities.

As the Minister rightly stated, as a result of their efforts to address the negative impact of the so-called ‘backway’ syndrome, some youths were recently assisted with tools to venture into fishing and tailoring.

Even though the examples given are just a fraction of the Jammeh administration’s commitment to youth empowerment, it is enough reason for our youths to venture into meaningful and positive activities. We say thank you Mr. President.