On NBR’s Promise

On NBR’s Promise


After according a befitting welcome to The Gambian leader, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Babili Mansa at the start of his nationwide tour at Barra, people of the North Bank Region (NBR) has also took the lead to give the first vow to President Jammeh that they will increase their voter percentage come December 1st.

During a meeting at Farafenni on day one of the President’s nationwide tour, the people of the region has unequivocally showed; as they have always been doing it since the advent of the July 22nd Revolution, their loyalty and dedication to President Jammeh and the APRC party. This qualifies that Gambian people steadily appreciate President Jammeh to continue to lead the country.

The people of NBR were outright in their words that they will never exchange President Jammeh for any person. Apparently they are conscious of the development gains that awaits the entire region and their communities in addition to the already available ones if they continue to maintain President Jammeh as their choice.

The region’s APRC chairman was absolutely not wrong when he told the meeting that it is time for Gambians to reciprocate the good things that President Jammeh has done for them. He said they will not just vote for President Jammeh but will increase their vote percentage, vowing that the region will emerge 1st position in this upcoming election.

It is evidently clear before every sober Gambian’s face, the steady development paradigm that occurred in The Gambia since the advent of the July 22nd Revolution. Admittedly the people of the region have said everything when they say that it is no regret; and they will never regret supporting APRC and President Jammeh because he has delivered on all the promises he made to them.

As a peace loving and caring leader, President Jammeh has maintained his staunch believe in Allah and his eventualities and continued to advocate for Gambians to submit all their hopes to the Will of Allah alone and to nurture peace and sympathize with one another.

President Jammeh was right when he said he was not going to campaign because for 22 years today,  if Gambians don’t know what is good, then it is up to them.

We congratulate the people of the North Bank Region for their commitment to President Jammeh and his administration and therefore, we hold the belief that come December 2nd, their promises will become apparent and fulfilled.