On Peaceful Elections

On Peaceful Elections

Tomorrow, Gambians will be heading to the polls to elect one single person who will be entrusted by Gambians to take charge of the country’s affairs as President for the next five years.

Campaign trails have closed yesterday, after the Presidential candidates and their supporters rounded the country to meet their people.

And now, we have to be clear here. From the beginning, Gambia has gained itself a name for being one of the most peaceful and stable countries globally. This has even transcended to earning it the name “The smiling coast of Africa.”

Elections are supposed to be peaceful and Gambians know nothing but peace. As Gambians are to cast their votes tomorrow, it is imperative each and every one of us understand that campaign to canvass votes has ended. Any word that may cause indifference or create chaos must not be uttered. Cast your vote, go home and follow the announcement of the results by the Independent Electoral Commission on your televisions and radios.

We must all understand that elections are democratic processes so win and lose are obvious. We must accept that results and continue developing our Gambia into a great nation that we all want.

Now, more than ever, Gambians must stand by one another and make sure that the peace and stability that we are enjoying continue to flourish for eternity. We must all understand that one identity that all Gambians share with no difference is The Gambia.

Fundamentally, let us all attach ourselves to the promises and demands that we made for justice to guide our actions towards the common good. May Allah protect us and lead us through a peaceful presidential election. For the Gambia, ever true!